because she really is the one showing the path


He thinks love is over for him. He doesn’t believe there’s a possibility, so she shows him the way. -Brendan Coyle (x)

anonymous asked:

Ok so Regina is innocent and never did anything? Ok, sure, raping graham, killing people, her father and her abused lover (graham). Gaslighting Henry, killing Henry. Massacre towns because they wouldn't bend to her rules, separating families? Sorry but Regina is not an innocent person, she's a psychotic person who needs professional help. Yes her mother was abusive, yes Rumple manipulated her, but she alone made her own path. That's life, pay the price & quit with the poor baby bc no nope.

I think that if anything this show shows us that no one is exempt from making mistakes and doing evil things, and it shows that no one is beyond redemption if they really try for it. I mean this show isn’t a stranger to redemption arcs is it? And I get that you’re listing all of the bad stuff that Regina’s done, Anon, but I’m afraid I really don’t see what anything you said has to do with my post at all.

Everyone makes mistakes, some mistakes are worse than others. But everyone deserves to have someone choose them at some point in their lives, even Regina Mills. And she would be the first to point out her own shortcomings as you just did, like that makes her less of a human being and like it erases all of the things she had a right to receive but never did.

You should be careful suggesting that some people don’t deserve to have someone chose them. There’s no clear line between who does deserve it and who doesn’t, and you never know where you or any of us may fall on that line. For all we know someone else thinks we are a monster as bad as the evil queen herself and we have no idea…