because she really is the one showing the path


He thinks love is over for him. He doesn’t believe there’s a possibility, so she shows him the way. -Brendan Coyle (x)

I’ve finally had the chance to read Katsuragi’s wedding story…such a beautiful and well developed one.
He’s such a worrier as always but this time it’s thanks to MC and what she says to him, it’s thanks to her support if he can get through a hard decision, he also gets reunited with his parents and old friends, which is a difficult thing because his father has been neglecting him ever since he decided to become a bodyguard (it emerges a sad story about how he decided to follow this path, too); the bodyguards all show their love and respect towards their boss and this really made me happy, the bond between Katsuragi and his squad is a very strong one and it’s clear in this story, a story full of feels and the right amount of sentimentality.
I will never stop saying he’s my favorite character because even this time he could make my heart melt, I think voltage did a great job with Daichi but also with his background story, and I’ll always thank them for providing us such a perfect character ❤️

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Her story line was indeed already on that path but it was actually given to Matt to write. And she got alot more screen time, even in the background there were alot more shots of her and music numbers. Now with Mark, he was really famous in the start because of his badboy character, her linked to him expanded her brand, just because she was linked to him. Im not saying matt actually gave santana anything big, but asisde from her storyline she got alot more screentime.

Matt had no control over what they showed in the bg. He wrote one of the worst episodes ever, IKAG, but he didn’t write all her SL’s after that. Naya also didn’t have a whole lot of music numbers compared to Lea and Darren. I don’t think Mark helped expand her brand, either. A lot of her fans were gained from the show, not her link with Mark. When she wasn’t with Matt anymore, she still had a lot of screen time, though.