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Name Signs

Fun story: twice a year, I work a week-long (or so) job where I’m either cooped up in a warehouse, medicine-producing factory, machine shop, or combination of those three areas. One of the workers goes to the same college as me, and we get to talking about majors and whatnot. When I mentioned that I have a Deaf Studies certificate, we got onto the topic of ASL. Apparently he used to know ASL when he was younger, because his brother had Down Syndrome and was nonverbal, only communicated through ASL. Naturally, I was curious about that, and was asking him questions about it. 

Then, one of the girls who was working comes over and says, “oh, so you’re deaf, right?” Yes. “Can you give me a name sign?” My jaw almost dropped. I asked her why she wanted one. “Well I work with kids, and the other workers worked with some deaf kids before and they have name signs. I’m jealous because I’m the only one who doesn’t have a name sign, so can you give me one? But make sure it’s something good, I don’t want it to look boring.” At this point, I just wanted the conversation to end. I flat out said no. The other worker started laughing and told her to give it up, I wasn’t going to give her a name sign. “But why? I want one too, it’s not fair that he won’t give me one!” 

The other worker proceeded to say “Having a name sign’s a big deal, deaf people don’t just give them out because people want them. You’ve gotta be part of the deaf community.” Her response? “That’s not fair. I don’t see why deaf people have to be all exclusive and stuck-up about it. I just want a name sign.” Then, I asked her if she was planning on learning ASL. “No.” Oof. Wow. I’m not really in the mood to get into this kind of thing today, so I proceeded to try and go back to my work. “Wait, so you’re not going to give me one? Fine, be like that.” and for the rest of the day, she treated me like I had done her some great personal offense. 

The sheer audacity of her actions seems to have been lost on her. I am not looking forward to working with her again this summer. 

About the LGBT Center in Los Angeles

I just went there to begin medical services, since I recently moved to the area. I must warn you, though, they are not trans friendly. At least, not as trans friendly as the previous places I have gone.

Their system is not suited for trans people. They will call you by your birth name, as theres nowhere in their computer or documents to put a preferred name. A friend of mine even got his name legally changed, and they refused to change it in their system because his medicare was still under his birth name.

I might just be spoiled with how amazing the Dimensions Clinic in San Francisco was. They never messed up on my preferred name and were very conscious of this. They were certain to never misgender.

But the LGBT Center outright refuses to use my preferred name. Also while I was there, I saw a table for a program for Men with HIV, and when I asked about it, he told me it didn’t apply to me because I’m not a man. I was too shocked to correct him, especially since I pass about 99% of the time.

I guess I’m just very very shocked at how little this place cares about trans people. So if you plan to go there, be very wary. I even tried to write a complaint about it to one of the women in charge of trans care there, and she just shrugged it off and said “well its part of our system.”

Drawings for the age meme. Gonna scan and post them on the actual form later but I liked how they came out. As a kid Sesshoumaru would be wearing clothing similar to what Inuyasha will be wearing in chapter 5. Hair is down because peace is still a thing under his father’s rule - this is between the war with the Panthers and the first war with the humans. Inuyasha has not been born yet. Since demons supposedly age differently than humans I picked a general developmental age in the area of 15 to him. His father’s murder happened only recently the first sign of violence in years and a heinous one at that. He’s donned armor and his father’s crown in the name of seeking revenge for the kings untimely death and to take back what he and his kind believe is rightfully his. Still young, a bit hot headed despite his cool and collected composure and pretty impressionable in this time of grief and rage. You’d be pretty pissed, too. If all you got out of a expensive seize was some half demon whelp.

Hey guys!

I’m trying to adopt the dog that is currently my icon. He was found outside a Buddhist temple and brought to a rescue in Houston, TX. I plan to name him Samadhi (a Dharma name meaning “meditative stabilization”) and nickname him Sam. I need about $600 USD to bring him home and a little more (say $200-$400ish?) to cover his initial care costs (vet bills, expensive crate because he’s a big dog, etc). So I’m shooting for at least $800 total.

Right now I’m just asking for ideas on how I can earn some money for this, since I’ve not had any luck with finding employment in my area (a little north of New Orleans).

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Franks ideal birthday?

HMMM… in Modern AU? Get to spend the day with his favorite friends like Dwight and Theo and Charlie. Take all of them to a monster truck rally or something like that. Then he goes home and has a little downtime so that he doesn’t get too overwhelmed. Then they all go to a cowboy-themed steakhouse and get a big steak and a free scoop of ice cream or cake for dessert (because it’s his birthday!). Then go home and open his presents and then eat MORE cake, but this time it will be his actual birthday cake, which will have his name and colorful sprinkles on top. And then everyone compliments him. Also Jack, Mike, and any other loud annoying people are NOT invited, though they may sit outside and watch him open his presents and eat his cake and feel jealous if they want. :)

In Fallout his ideal would be similar, but more quiet. I can’t think of any fun place in the New Vegas area that Frank would voluntarily want to subject himself to (he’s not one for bars or clubs or casinos obviously)… except maybe the Ultra Luxe for its restaurant. Go there, get his steak, wear a nice suit and feel important. And of course Dwight and Theo have to come along… I’m sure that would go wonderfully. :)


Hi! My name is Abbey and I’m half Japanese!
I live in a mostly white area so I am one of the few Asians that I know. Growing up I’ve always been happy of my heritage and think it’s very beautiful. It always shocks me when I hear people say stupid things like “I don’t find Asians attractive” because honestly, we’re beautiful and don’t need that kind of negativity. I hope that every Asian that is participating or who isn’t participating knows that they are gorgeous and should be proud of who they are.

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Hi! I hope this isn't rude, but what is Arab Khaleeji culture, and why do they put numbers in what they're writing?? like "hell7o"

The “khaleej” is the name given to the collection of countries in the middle east which includes Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait because they all share similar culture and generally in the same area. They also have a pact with each other politically (kinda like the European Union where you only need one passport to go between those countries).

Ahaha the numbers thing is when we talk in arabic using english letters. You resort to phonetic spelling, and since english doesn’t have all of the letters it has become part of this internet culture to use numbers that look like the arabic letter. 7 sorta looks like the letter ح
2 looks like a ء if ya squint, 3 is a ع to give an example. Thats why when I write in arabic with english letters it ends up like ba7ki 3araby ma’ sa7bati

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In regards of Harry's bday wish to Jeff, it makes sense to me that firstly he wrote HERSH right on the crotch and then he wrote the message framing his name on the d*ck area. Going "Happy Birthday Jerome, All the love. Because we know Harry is Hersh and Jeff is Jerome. The way the person described below the picture does not correspond to their nicknames. xx lia


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my name is Shane and this is not inaccurate

sometimes shane is from england, which means he’ll have an accent when he invites you to his house to watch toonami and drink beer, beer which you never acquire, because neither of you knows anyone in the area who’ll get you beer

About My Blog:

Name: Nate
Age: 24
Pronouns: he/him/his. 

Dfab demi-boy/trans guy, demi sexual, tentatively quoiromantic. Generally I just identify as extremely queer. I also vaguely identify as gay because I find m/m and dmab/dmab sex the most appealing, and I’m not romantically interested in women. I’m neuroatypical (ADD, anxiety, prone to depression, possibly other stuff but not diagnosed), chubby, currently living paycheck to paycheck, currently in the process of transitioning.

Privilege: I’m white, I grew up with financial security while I lived with my parents, I live in a liberal area of New England in the USA, I am able-bodied, I can pass as neurotypical. If I make false assumptions or fuck up because of any of these things please call me on it.

I blog about intersectional social justice. My views have evolved since I started blogging, so if you go far enough back in my blog you may find untagged posts that I no longer agree with.

I use my “likes” as storage for things I want to respond to later, or save to my computer when I’m on the mobile app, or research more thoroughly before reblogging when I have time/attention, etc. Do not assume I agree with everything in my likes. My likes sometimes contain extremely NSFW images. View my likes with caution.

I’m a writer and an illustrator, I’ve taken an animation course and gone to one year of art school where I learned sculpture, drawing, painting, and design. 

I post my thoughts here.
My writing blog is here.
I post my art here.
These are my cats.
This is my face.

I am not always right. I am still learning.

Do not cite me as an expert or trust my implicitly. I am happy to give my thoughts on and discuss any issue, and I do try to research my points before I make them, but I am not an authority.

My ask box is always open. I will respond privately if you ask me to. If I respond publicly I will tag it with your URL so you can find it easily (unless you ask me not to). I tag all asks with “ask” and all anons with “ask” and “anon”. If you send me an ask and I don’t respond it might be because Tumblr ate it, and I never received it, or because I have ADD and sometimes I forget to respond to things. In either case feel free to send the ask again. I do not consider this rude. 

My blog is occasionally NSFW, but always tagged as such.

I’ve been in a relationship since we were 15 with one of my four best friends. We are engaged. I’ve got queerplatonic relationships with my other three best friends. We’re really close and I talk about them on my blog. 

Fiancé, Best friend, Best Friend, Best Friend

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I’m a polyshipper and a multishipper, though I definitely have OTPs and sometimes don’t enjoy seeing those pairs with other people.


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Okay I know you guys can do everything on here, so I need your help. The guy above is my older brother, who I won’t disclose his name for personal reasons. He’s 21 years old and he has a autism. He recently graduated from a technical college. He loves Star Wars, video games, cartoons, and zombies. The reason why I’m saying all this is because my brother has expressed to me recently that he wants friends. 

 This kid cried his eyes out about it, and I was wondering if anyone can give me some info on some autism activity group that he can participate in and make friends, in the Milwaukee area? Any type of information is greatly appreciated. I just want some friends for him, besides us. 

Please please please contact me on here with any information, I’ll always respond promptly.

Your Love Guard Me Through The Night….

Tonight I Pray that you begin to realize that the Lord Jesus is nearer than you think. He is with us in every moment of our lives.  We only need to reach out in our weakness to feel HIS strength!!!  We are connected through His great love and those bonds are something that no one can sever.  I pray that you realize that you have not, because you are not asking in union with His will and way for your life. He wants to be an active participant in every area of our lives. The more we are aware of His Presence, the safer we will feel. I pray that when you feel desperate and all alone, just whisper His name…JESUS!!… Then you will feel His Spirit envelope you in the warmth of His Great Love!!!   Walk In HIS Peace!  In Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen….  I Love You All!!!  God Bless You!!! ♥♥♥

So on top of little Mason who came in yesterday, another bunny was turned in today. His name is Beauregard, and he’s a large angora and is 2.5 years old. His owners surrendered him because they say they cannot groom him or afford any of the rabbit grooming services in the area. He has a few large mats around his bottom, which I’ll probably get around to grooming on Monday.


I offered to design someone for softgrungepatamon, so, here’s the sort-of pastel goth, Cucidati!  His Stand is named Cash Cash, named after an electronic artist (same genre as Madeon, Pasison Pit, etc.)  Properly he’s Caitlin’s OC but I will draw him any chance I get because I fell in love with this dude and by God I will make him look unique in my stuff too.

Cait’s described him as the kind of person who’s basically done with everyone, sighing a lot and is vaguely angry. I offered up the headphone idea, the idea that he has hyperacusis, and Cait named him and the stand while I designed them.  Since the theme with him and his friends are spies, Cash Cash can disassemble itself in order to offer feeds into other areas; his range is unlimited, but is limited by the surroundings; once or twice, Cucidati has offered his gang a front row seat to the exciting adventures of the undersides of furniture on accident.

The headphones don’t necessarily come with an MP3 player, his mother was in to the Fashion Design scene so he knows a whole book’s worth on that, and Cash Cash is somewhat alive; it can generate pictures on its face to mock its owner and does so with great energy.  Besides that, I don’t think we have much for him.

San Jose to Take Major Marijuana Dispensary to the court

For nine months, the city of San Jose has made an effort to close down San Jose Organics, a large medical cannabis dispensary with well over 5,000 members.

San Jose has penalized the dispensary a lot of money and instructed it to cease procedures. The city is adding $1,500 each day to its penalties for each day it stays open. Now, both sides are set to face of in court.

In a concealed camera research, the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit found out that the dispensary appeared to be breaking numerous city regulations on the selling of medical marijuana.

“The evidence is irrefutable here concerning what they’re doing and what they are not doing,” mentioned a retired undercover drugs officer who signed up with us on our study. Because he still works with the police force, we decided to keep back his name and cover up his identity.

In the parking lot of the dispensary, an Investigative Unit worker asked a buyer just how long he’d been coming to San Jose Organics.

“Probably like a year,” stated the buyer on hidden camera. “Just a year, because I have just been 19 for like a month or two.”

San Jose city laws indicate that nobody under the age of Twenty-one can buy medical marihuana and even be on the site of a dispensary.

“Naturally don’t come in and be like ‘I’m Eighteen years of age,’” advised one person identifying herself as a staff member. “However they don’t give a [expletive]. For our intentions, so we don’t get in trouble, we say 21 and up since that’s the law.”

The Investigative Unit came across buyer after buyer state that the dispensary on a regular basis sold medicinal marijuana to individuals as young as 18.

“In line with what I over heard and observed, they’re breaking the laws,” said the ex officer.

We showed some of this video footage to Angelique Gaeta, asst to the City Manager. It’s her job to implement city laws on medical marihuana.

“They don’t care for following the rules in the city of San Jose whatsoever,” said Gaeta. “They’re aware about them, so there’s no lack of edcuation on their part.”

Concealed digital cameras additionally revealed that the shop sold cannabis concentrates and stayed open for business beyond 9 p.m., both offenses of San Jose laws.

"Well I can’t say I’m shocked,” said San Jose City Mayor Sam Liccardo when we enlightened him of what we found. “This is a company that’s been running in defiance of the laws for several months.”

The city has given case and desist orders and has imposed penalties against the dispensary amassing over $100,000.

"We’re not going to quit,” mentioned Liccardo. “We expect and believe that a judge will guarantee that justice is served so that we can close up this business.”

We made several requests to the individuals who own San Jose Organics to leave comments on our analysis prior to our original report on Friday. Through a hired consultant, we were informed our requests were waived. However late Sunday afternoon, more than Thirty six hours after our initial report broadcasted, an attorney at law who says he represents San Jose Organics sent an extended email.

The attorney questioned the City of San Jose’s power to issue binding orders on the businesses zoning–he mentioned only a judge may confirm such orders, and the 2 sides are currently handling the issue before the courts. He also questioned the city’s ability to control the sale of medical marihuana to individuals that are 21 and older, stating California voters and state law place no age restriction. He also questioned the objectivity of our retired undercover narcotics law enforcement officer .

Lastly, the lawyer requested that we honor San Jose Organics’ right to due process and “not condemn them on the telly.” They did offer to chat on camera in an interview, and we are working to plan that at this moment.

Your Love Guard Me Through The Night….

Tonight I Pray that you begin to realize that the Lord Jesus is nearer than you think. He is with us in every moment of our lives.  We only need to reach out in our weakness to feel HIS strength!!!  We are connected through His great love and those bonds are something that no one can sever.  I pray that you realize that you have not, because you are not asking in union with His will and way for your life. He wants to be an active participant in every area of our lives. The more we are aware of His Presence, the safer we will feel. I pray that when you feel desperate and all alone, just whisper His name…JESUS!!… Then you will feel His Spirit envelope you in the warmth of His Great Love!!!   Walk In HIS Peace!  In Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen….  I Love You All!!!  God Bless You!!! ♥♥♥

Hi tumblr! Our names are Luna (white, female) and Bo (orange, male). We live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area with our mom and her owners, we are about four months old, and we are looking for a loving forever home to take us (separately or together but hopefully together because we love each other very much). We get along well with all the other cats and dogs in our house and we are very sweet and loving. Someone please take us or our owners dad is going to put us in a shelter and the shelters around here suck!

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they'd all play like at church's house, and the Director threatens to cut the power if they get too rowdy, Caboose finds a stray dog near Church's House and Calls it freckles, which he soon adopts, who likes watching everyone play Halo, Tucker brings his son (( long story )) but they try and teach him how to play easier games, or when Junior does play, no ones allowed to target him

Originally they only play online but then they find out they all live in the same area and start having meet ups. Initially they don’t invite Tucker and Caboose- bunch of adults inviting a couple of teenagers over? Kinda skeevy- but eventually they hit eighteen and they’ve been hanging long enough online that it’s less weird.

Tucker is defo a teen father. His kid is Lavernius Tucker, Jr because the mother wouldn’t allow him to name him “Actual Proof That I Got Laid Once”.

Caboose isn’t allowed to have a dog at home so he leaves him with Church, which annoys his dad but Caboose is hard to say no to.

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How did you meet Mr. Spotty?

HAHA Mr. Spotty!  I’mma gonna tell him you called him that.

(Mr. Spotty would probably want me to point out that it’s actually Dr. Spotty.)

Ok maybe not, since he doesn’t know my screen name here because I hide my Bobby lust from him. Shhh…

Anyway…I met Mr. Spotty in 2004 when I moved home and started going to a traditional Irish session in the area. Someone said “Oh you’re working on your doctorate?” [Note: I never finished] “You should meet D. He’s been working on his forever.” And so we met and got to talking and really hit it off.

We were friends for a bit under a year before we got together, but we had many months of chatting and flirting and getting to know each other before it really went somewhere beyond friendship (typical for me - I identify as demisexual).

Here’s a super early picture of Mr. Spotty and I sitting next to each other. This was RIGHT after we first met. They asked me to sit in and perform with the session group at the Irish festival and somehow I ended up right in the middle sitting next to Mr. Spotty. I’m the whistle player in the middle wearing black. Mr. Spotty is to my right playing banjo.

And yeah, it’s a terrible, tiny little picture but it’s all I have!