because it was getting out of hand

  • Dean driving:Y'know it's almost red but I'll go anyway
  • Dean driving:That was a stop sign?
  • Dean driving:Just because the speed limit is 60 doesn't mean you can't go 100
  • Seth driving:get tHE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY
  • Seth driving:I'll go all Crossfit on your asses
  • Roman driving:*takes and puts Dean and Seth in the back*
  • Roman driving:Seth I told you to go when we left
  • Roman driving:Dean keep your hands to yourself
  • Roman driving:If you two yell at each other one more time I swear I will turn this car around

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Heeeeey friend, I've had a craptastic week 😞, how's about some headcanon love, any ship/situation/cabin/whatever, your choice, I need some Headcannons In my life right now 😘

I’m sorry you had a terrible week, friend! Hopefully these random CHB headcanons cheer you up a bit. xxx

  • the Hermes cabin paints a mural of Bob the Builder on the side of the Hephaestus cabin as a prank but jokes on them because the Hephaestus kids love Bob the Builder 
  • when Pollux is 20 he comes back to Camp as a counselor and is surprised to meet his new little brother Cadmus who is 8— they quickly become best friends— Pollux forgot how nice it is to have a brother around 
  • the first of every month the Demeter cabin selects a flower and hands one out to each camper 
  • for St. Patrick’s Day every year the Iris cabin creates a maze of rainbows and the first person to find the right rainbow that leads to a pot of gold gets a week off from chores and an actual chest full of golden drachma 
  • a bunch of the kids start harassing Chiron about needing an army of some sort of giant animal— “How come the romans get giant Eagles!” “They literally have to avoid being eaten by an ancient wolf pack. I think they’ve earned the damn eagles.” 
  • Blackjack tells every pegasus that will listen about the Percy/Jason showdown in Kansas (with a few embellishments) and Jason can never figure out why all the pesagi he comes in contact with seem to wanna fight him 

I have a feeling that Lexa is gonna die and Clarke is gonna have her head in her lap with blood covered hands and that’s how Bellamy sees her. With tears in her eyes, a body on her lap and she’s completely shaking because it’s all too much. Bellamy touches Clarke’s shoulder when he gets near her and she flinches about to pull out her knife until she sees him and completely sinks into his touch. “She died for me.” She croaks and Bellamy sighs, sitting down on the ground beside her and closes Lexa’s eyes as he says, “Your fight is over.” And Clarke rests her head on his shoulder and starts crying and he throws his hand over her shoulder and pulls her a little closer and rubs his thumb over her shoulder as she cries. “Everything I touch dies.” She says and he shakes his head. “Not me.”

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Aomine and Imayoshi being worried because he thinks that his girlfriend is cheating on him but they actually just want to surprise him with sth

Aomine slammed his phone down on the table and stood up. This was the fifth time, this week, his partner had cancelled on him. There was no other explanation. ______ was cheating on him. 

He walked out the door, slammed it behind him, and put his hands in his pockets. He was going to figure out why. And with who. And then he’d beat up that who. 

No one cheats on Aomine Daiki.

No one else gets to be with _______.

He tensed when he heard his partners voice and snarled when he heard Kise’s in response. 

They were cheating on him with Kise?

He turned the corner, ready to confront ______ when he saw them dribble the ball past Kise and shoot it into the hoop.

Street ball?

They high-fived. “Aomine will be so happy that you learned this for him, ______-cchi!”

"I really hope so." They groaned, putting their hands on their knees. "Basketball is hard." 

He spun back behind the building and put his hand over his mouth, feeling his face heat up. He felt mildly bad about suspecting they were cheating when they were only practicing to surprise him, but was mostly overwhelmed by the fact that they were practicing to surprise him.

He walked back to his apartment, smiling slightly, to wait for them to return.

Blowing off Imayoshi wouldn’t do anything but make him slightly grumpy, he had a team to manage and couldn’t be concerned with getting blown off every now and again. But doing it so many times in such a short time? That wasn’t normal of _______.

He sat down on the fair ground bench, ready for the horse race to start, next to an empty seat his partner should have been occupying. He felt an unpleasnt though enter his minf.

_______ was cheating. 

That had to be it. What other reason did they have for never hanging out with them.

The horses were released from their stalls and started sprinting down the track.

Imayoshi stood up, squinting down at one of the riders.

Was that…?

He smirked slightly as the brown horse pulled ahead of all the others and crossed the finish line first. The rider looked up to the stands and locked eyes with Imayoshi.

His partner stood up on their horse and waved up at him. “Surprise, Shoichi!” They shouted.

He grinned and crossed his arms. 

It was.

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If u dont mind, can u write about sasuke's FIRST interaction with sarada. I would really appreciate some sarada and sasuke moments XD

Baby Fists and Baby Smiles

The first thing that came to Sasuke’s mind when he first saw his newborn daughter was that she was tiny. Like really tiny. So tiny that he was afraid to hold her at first because he might crush her accidentally. So he only watched from the bedside as Sakura held their child in her arms. He leaned over to peer into his child’s face, hoping that she would get a glimpse of his face. 

But her eyes was shut fast and she had her little hands stuck out in balled up fists. 

"She’s going to be cold," he murmured as he pulled up the blanket that was wrapped around their little bundle of joy. 

"Are you sure you don’t want to hold her, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked as she smiled tiredly up at him. "My arms are getting bit tired and I think I should get some rest."

"Yes, you should sleep. You were awake for quite awhile," Sasuke responded gently. He looked hesitantly at the baby but decided that it was time to man up and take her from Sakura so that his wife can get the well-deserved rest she needed. "Okay, give her to me."

Sakura gently handed the baby over to him and he took the bundle in with careful arms. He could have sworn he was holding his breath the entire time and when he finally was holding onto her, he still hadn’t breathed out.

It was scary and he was afraid that he would drop her at any moment or move too suddenly and wake her up and cause her to cry. But none of that sort happened. She was peacefully sleeping in his arms. He smiled. 

"Have we decided on a name?" Sakura murmured as she briefly let her eyes flutter for a moment.


Sakura smiled. “It’s perfect,” she murmured as she drifted off to sleep.

It was perfect. Like his daughter. She was going to grow up loved and cherished by all those around her. He gave an even bigger smile as he gently kissed Sarada on her tiny forehead. 

"I will always love you, Sarada. Always. That’s a promise I will keep to you," he whispered.

And for a second there, he could have sworn that he saw a small smile light up his daughter’s face. Somehow, she must have heard. 

Ok so I’ve been trying not to get involved in this whole thing because I didn’t know much about it. But lately it’s been getting out of hand so before I go to bed tonight I just want to say a couple of things. There is always two sides to every story and it is important to listen and try to understand both. Remember that we are all human beings and that not one of us is perfect. Be supportive of people who stand up for themselves when chances are they’re gonna have a lot of people against them when they do. Try and listen to people who admit and apologize for their flaws. Even when you don’t agree on something - be open minded, and even when you’re mad - be respectful. Because being rude, hateful or judgmental in any way never solves a problem, it creates ten more. 

Shawn imagine

“I have a surprise for you y/n!” My best friend Shawn said.

"What, I have a lot of work to do?" I said with no emotion.

I wasn’t trying to sound rude, but finals were in a week and I needed to ace them or my parents would kill me.

"Well I know you’ve been stressed because of finals, so I got you something to get your mind of them."

He said while smiling widely.

I looked at him intrigued.

"Here." He said while handing me a card.

"You got me a card?" I said confused.

"Just open it!" He insisted.

I ripped it open, but there wasn’t a card inside there were tickets. I took the tickets out quickly looking them over.


"YES! Meet and greet and back stage passes!" He told me.

"OH MY FUCKING GOSH!" I flipped.

"And that’s not all…" Shawn said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked calming down a little bit.

"Well Austin and I are good friends, and I told him how much you’re obsessed with him and he thought it was cute, so he said you can be the U girl!!" He said.

"OH. MY. GOSH." I said while jumping on top of him and knocking him on the floor.

"I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! YOU ARE THE BESTEST FRIEND EVER!" I told him while hugging him tightly.


My alarm went off at 9 in the morning playing ‘Can’t Fight This Love’ one of my favorite songs by Austin.

"What the hell, turn that off!" Shawn mumbled into the pillow next to me.
I made Shawn sleep over last night because I couldn’t afford being late to meeting AUSTIN FUCKING MAHONE.

"No get up!! We need to start getting ready, we don’t want to late!" I said to Shawn while getting up.

"Are you serious y/n? We don’t have to be there until 6PM." He told me.

"Yeah, but there’s going to be traffic!" I told him.

"Now I’m going to go get in the shower!" I told him.


“SHAWN HURRY UP WE HAVE TO GO!” I screamed up the stairs.

"Coming!" He said while running down the stairs.

Once he got to the bottom he eyed me up and down, “wow y/n, you look amazing.” He said.

"Thanks, you look great too!" I told him while blushing.

*AT M&G* (Shawn’s POV)

I looked over at her when we were standing in line to meet Austin, and she was jumping up and down smiling.

I loved seeing her this happy. I hated seeing her stressing over finals. She needed this.

"Holy shit Shawn we’re next!" She said excitedly.

"Did you pick out a pose?" I asked her.

"Of course." She said in a duh tone.
The girl that was with Austin just gave him a hug goodbye and left.
Austin turned around and faced y/n, I saw him checking her out, and that made me mad. Y/n was mine.

He’s not allowed to look at her like that. I’ve liked her since we were in middle school, but she doesn’t know that.

I looked at y/n and saw her start to cry. She ran and jumped into Austin’s arms. I slowly walked up to them. Once I got close enough I heard her whispering how much she loves him in his ear. I just clenched my jaw. Once y/n let go of Austin he turned to me.

"Hey Shawn!" He said while doing the bro hug thing.

"Hey man!" I said trying to sound normal.

"You were right y/n is a very beautiful girl." He said while looking at her.

Y/n giggled and started to blush

I’m starting to regret getting these tickets now.


The concert was really fun so far, y/n forced me to dance with her to all the songs, and when heart in my hands came on I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her while singing along to the song in her ear.

After a couple songs some people came and got her because Austin was about to perform U. I sat there by myself thinking. 
“It’s just an act Shawn, he does this with every U girl.” I thought to myself.

I heard the intro to the song and I watched Austin singing to y/n. He got really close to her, too close. He kissed her cheek. Well barely he made sure he got as close to her lips as possible. I just rolled my eyes.

Near the end of the song he took her hand and the screen behind them opened up. They started to walk away and the screen closed, but you could still see their shadows behind it. Y/n started to walk away, but then Austin pulled her back and leaned in, and it looked like they kissed.

The whole crowd flipped out (this is what happened when I saw him😂)
“She wouldn’t kiss him, right?” I thought.


“That was amazing! Thank you so much Shawn.” I said while hugging him.

"No problem." He said.

"You ready to go back stage!!" I said excitedly.

"Yeaaah, sure." He responded not as excited.

I just shrugged at his response and forgot about it.


“Hey guys!” Austin said while running up to me and hugging me.

"Hey! You did amazing tonight." I told him.

I glanced over at Shawn and saw him rolling his eyes. I gave him a questioning look and he just shook his head indicating to forget about it.

"Thanks! let me just go change out of these sweaty clothes and then we can all hang!" He said just looking at me.

"Okay!" I said while he walked away.

"What was that eye roll for?" I asked Shawn once Austin left.

"Nothing." He said.

"It obviously wasn’t nothing, what’s wrong Shawn?" I asked him while sitting down on the couch backstage.

"Can I ask you a question?" Shawn asked.

"Yeah, of course Shawn." I told him.

"When you were on stage with him did you actually kiss him?" He asked seriously.

"What?" I asked confused.

"You heard me. When you were on stage with Austin did you kiss him?" He asked seriously.

"Why are you getting so worked up about this?" I asked him.

"Just answer the damn question y/n, did you or did you not kiss him?" He started to raise his voice.

I looked around seeing a few passing people giving us some weird looks.

"Shawn you’re causing a scene." I told him.

"I don’t care! Just tell me, did you kiss him?" He asked.

I sighed, “yes, but just a peck it was nothing.” I explained.

He slammed his fist down on the coffee table in front of the couch making me jump.

He just laughed, “why did you kiss him?” He asked.

"Shawn calm down, it was apart of the whole act. He does that with every U girl." I tried to explain.

"He’s been all over you since you’ve meet him earlier tonight." He said angrily.

"It seriously disgusted me watching him have his hands all over you during the meet and greet." He said.

"Shawn why are you worrying? It’s not like I’m going to marry him and leave town tomorrow to go on tour with him." I said while laughing.

"That’s the thing y/n, how do I know you wouldn’t leave me for him. He’s Austin Mahone and I’m just Shawn Mendes." He said.

"Shawn are you kidding me? First off, yes you are Shawn Mendes and you have millions of followers on vine and you’re going on tour this summer with Austin. Second, I like you way more
than Austin.” I told him.

"Wait, you like me?" He asked totally disregarding the other part of my rant.

I looked down at the ground and blushed, “yeah I do. I thought it was pretty obvious, but I guess not.” I said.

"Look at me." He said while putting his fingers under my chin forcing me to look up.

He smiled, “you don’t understand how long I’ve liked you y/n.” He said.

"Okay I’m back! You guys want to go grab something to eat?" Austin said.
Shawn and I quickly pulled apart from each other.

"Actually y/n isn’t feeling to well, so I’m going to take her home." Shawn said while placing his hand on my thigh.

I glanced at his hand and squirmed under his touch.

"Oh okay, well we have to all hang out soon." Austin said disappointed.

"Yeah, thanks for t-tonight it was g-g-greAT." I stuttered as Shawn started to move his hand up further and further my thigh.

I looked over at Shawn and saw him smirking.

"Feel better y/n. Austin said.

"Don’t worry I’ll take care of her." Shawn said while smiling innocently.

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SoC: Gen 9- Chapter 13 (P.2)

You know that old saying, don’t know what you got till it’s gone? My children are prime example of this old adage. I thought they had been a handful before. Tosca had always been the adventurer, and I was completely convinced the odds of having another just like him were slim. Not slim enough I’m afraid. It was like deja vu with Tilly. Slipping out of her bed, sneaking outside, trying to get away to the open wide world. A new set of worries, a new set of nightmares. Only this time it was worse, because she had an older partner in crime. They escapades quickly escalated as Tosca got older. The scariest was when they slipped out of the house undetected, only to be discovered in the park at the middle of town.

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It wasn't an accident

Can you do one where Cas has a crush on Y/N but she has a boyfriend and Cas finds out he’s abusing her? He gets really mad and he’s confused because he hasn’t felt that strong of emotion before. He shows the guy that he messed with the wrong girl!

The man appeared in front of you, his hands behind his back.
"Good morning, (Y/N)," a familiar voice said with a smile. The man’s blue eyes sparkled as he looked at you.
"Hi, Castiel," you grinned back despite being startled by his sudden appearance. "What’s in your hands," you asked curiously. You stood up on your toes and craned your neck to try and get a view of what the angel was hiding.
His eyes widened, “Oh, I just picked you up some flowers.” He pulled vibrant green-speckled flowers out from behind his back. “They’re from Switzerland,” he continued and held them out to you.
Your jaw dropped, “Oh my god, Cas, thank you so much. That is so sweet of you.” You were in awe of the kindness the angel posessed towards you sometimes. You held the flowers close to your chest, almost hugging them, “They’re my favorite color.”
You reached up in the kitchen for a vase to put the flowers in, accidently letting your shirt sleve roll up your arm to reveal a large cut on your fore-arm. Crap, you tried to pull your sleve back down but you were too late, Cas had already seen the wound. He grabbed your arm for closer inspection, “(Y/N), did you go on a hunt? Where did you get this?”
You were speachless for a moment, but finally an answer formed in your mind, “Oh, that? Jeremy threw something, on accident, and I got in the way. It was my fault and all on accident, Cas, don’t worry.” You hoped you were convincing enough.
His eyes skimmed your face. “Your boyfriend, Jeremy,” the angel questioned.
You nodded, “Ya, Cas, you gotta believe me, it was an accident.” Hopefully angels aren’t lie detectors. You smiled at him, maybe a smile would sell it, “I’m ok, I’ve had worse from hunting.” The man released your arm without breaking eye contact, you knew he didn’t fully believe you.

*A day later*

The man appeared in front of you, his hands behind his back.
This time he didn’t say good morning, he stared open-mouthed at you. “(Y/N), he whispered. His hands dropped the green-speckled flowers that he was going to give to you and instead held your face. His baby blue eyes frantically examined you.
"Cas, I’m ok, it was-"
"An accident," he cut you off. "Was this one ‘your fault’, too? (Y/N), it was Jeremy wasn’t it?" He squinted his eyes more as he continued to talk.
"No," again he ended your sentence. The man pulled you into the bathroom and stood you in front of your mirror. "(Y/N), look at yourself, tell me that you’re ok. I want the truth this time," he was yelling. You had never heard him yell.
You were forced to see yourself. The bruise next to your mouth, the gash under your left eye, were the only visible wounds. But you saw more, you saw the aches in your ribs and the pain in your shoulder that you wouldn’t tell Cas about. You saw months of pain, months of terror, months of being scared, that you would keep to yourself, until now. And now you watched as tears fell from your eyes for the first time in front of someone.
"Cas, it wasn’t my fault. I kept telling myself that it was, but it wasn’t," you tried to keep your voice strong, but quickly became a whisper, "he scares me."
Castiel was feeling other emotions. He felt a fire light inside of him, and it got bigger with every second he looked at you. Who could do this to the one he loved? How could he have let this happen to you? Adrenaline pumped through him and made his heart beat faster, he needed to do something. Hatred, and it was all directed to one person. The angel was confused about the new way he felt. It was power and it was going to make him do something drastic, but he wasn’t about to stop them.
"(Y/N), you’re coming with me," Cas ordered. Before you could say another word, he placed a finger lightly to your forehead. The next thing you knew, you were standing in Jeremy’s living room. He sat startled ahead of the two of you.
"Cas, no," you gasped. Against your will, your body began to shake at the thought of even being there. The thought of the night before made you want to throw up. The angel placed a hand on your shoulder and stared into your eyes, letting you know he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you again.
"Hey, assbutt," Cas yelled to Jeremy, "look at what you did to her. Look at the pain she’s in because of you."
Your ex-boyfriend stood shocked, “Hey, look, I’m sorry.” He raised his hands in the air, to surrender.
Cas pulled you behind him and stepped towards Jeremy, “Sorry doesn’t cut it.” Jeremy was flung across the room and slammed against the wall. Castiel walked to where the dazed Jeremy lay. He reached down and grabbed him by the collar.
"Please don’t hurt me," Jeremy begged.
"Why shouldn’t I," Cas snapped back. He pulled his fist back only punch the man that had harmed you. "Promise me that you’ll never go near her again," the angel’s voice echoed throughout the room.
"Ok, ok, ok I promise," Jeremy began to become desperate. "Please, I promise."
After a moment of silence, Castiel finally released him and returned back to you. He tapped your head with his finger and once more, you were standing in the safety of your home. You breathed a sigh of relief and watched as the angel picked up the flowers he had dropped. After fidgeting to fix some of the petals, he handed them to you. You returned the favor by reaching up to kiss him.

I’m so glad people are being positive towards johnnies post, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I just want this to be over, these past few days have just been filled with hate and it was hurtful to see, I’ve known Johnnie my whole life and seeing some of the things said to him and seeing his reactions first hand (the ones he didn’t put online) honestly broke my heart because he is genuinely one of the sweetest, funniest and lovely people I know and taylor, seeing hate towards her when all she has ever done is be giving and amazing to this fandom not because she had to, because she wanted to and out of the kindness of her own heart. I really hope this can be over now and we can get along again. thaaaaaanks

Every night before bed I read a few chapters of a book--

I’ve been going through a lot of the classics that I’ve never read because they make good getting-my-brain-to-shut-up material.

Right now I’m reading Don Quixote and it’s funny because I really only knew a couple things about it— like the windmill sequence which almost everyone has at least HEARD about.

Now I thought that he had an overactive imagination or he was just overzealous and looking for adventure (again, I knew nothing about the book) but he is LEGIT out of his mind and I feel bad for poor Sancho.

Like, Don Quixote is like “DUDE.  DUUUUUDE.  I’M TOTALLY GONNA BECOME A KNIGHT AND HAVE ADVENTURES.” and goes out, gets his ass handed to him and has to be in bed because he almost died.  Meanwhile everyone in his household burns his books and walls up his library and then tells him that the devil/a wizard did it and that he should stay home.

But NOPE.  He grabs his neighbor, tells him that he’s going to win him an island and let him become governor of it and then leads him away from his wife and children TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES ON THE FARM while they have wild adventures.

He also doesn’t eat and almost kills a dude who was travelling with some priests and Sancho got beat.


I’m not very far into the book (about 10% done) but geeeeeeeeeeeeze.

Poor Sancho.

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This is strange and you don't know me, but could you please give me a few reasons to uphold my life and not end it tonite? If you don't have time, I understand, but I'd really be grateful if you could.

hEY MATE. Listen, I’m sorry you’re going through rough times and I promise it’s going to get better. We all have dark times, but you’re strong enough to pull through and that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Everything is going to be okay.

but PSA here, just hear me out guys.

I’m not a professional help blog. In fact, I like to keep my blog strictly positive themed as much as I can because I think the world needs a bit more optimism in it. I don’t like feeling pressured like someone’s life is in my hands. Especially anonymous. It can’t be personal that way, so it’s impossible for me to personally help you. If you really need someone to confide in and for some reason you choose the INTJ that is me, come to me off anon.

I’m a weeb who likes to read and draw, not a professional psychologist. Don’t put this weight on my shoulders. If you seriously are struggling, go to someone who personally knows you and tell them what’s going on or seek a hotline//professional help.

From this point on, I’m not going to publish anything related to such topics.

Part Two of Jungkook in Love with a Younger Trainee

Jungkook have been fidgeting for days about when to ask you out. You, on the other hand, had been seeing Jimin lately because he was helping you with your dance moves. You were starting to like Jimin even more and Jimin notices it himself. 

"Hey Jungkook, I noticed that ____ is starting to develop feelings for me. What should I do? I shouldn’t just avoid her, should I?" Jimin asked.

"Of course not. You will hurt her feelings. But don’t tell her directly that you don’t like her either. If this is the case then I should ask her out soon before her feelings for you gets stronger." Jungkook said.

(The next day)

You were practicing by yourself trying to get your pitch to go as high as possible. You were too into your singing that you didn’t notice anyone walking into the room. Jungkook took a seat and sat there watching you sing. You were having a difficult time and you finally stop to take a break. When you turn around, you jumped because you didn’t know there was someone else in the room.

"Did I scared you? Sorry if I did. I just didn’t want to bother you while you were in the middle of it." Jungkook said.

"It is fine. You must be Jungkook that Jimin talks about all the time. I heard you are a really good vocalist. You should teach me how to sing better sometimes." You said.

"I have been noticing you for quite a while but I just didn’t say anything. You know how Jimin started talking to you out of nowhere. I told him to talk to you because I was too shy to get to know you myself. The truth is I really like you and I was hoping you wanted to go out with me." Jungkook said.

"Umm this is the first time someone confessed to me. I’m ind of shocked to be honest. I don’t know what to say." You replied.

"You don’t have to answer me right away. I just wanted to tell you how I feel because I didn’t want to wait any longer." Jungkook said.

He was getting up to leave and that’s when you grab his arm and stop him. 

"I don’t know if this is weird or not. But I want to go out with you too. You may have heard that I like Jimin. That is only because I think he is a nice friend and he just an oppa to me. But on the inside, I really wanted to be your girlfriend but I didn’t know how to confess to you. I don’t know if you will say yes or reject me." You said.

"So now that we both like each other, we can go out now. I am so happy to have you as my girlfriend. I would totally treat you the right way and you will never be sad again." Jungkook said.

My dad is the most amazing dad in the world. He just walked into the house with the biggest Lush bag I have ever seen with like 20 hand picked bubble bars and bath bombs and bottles of shampoo and conditioner and soap bars and two special care boxes for me and my mom. He’s so cute and I actually think he enjoys going to Lush as much as I do but the thing is he does it just to make us smile, he doesn’t get anything out of it 😭 I feel bad for all my future lovers because my dad sets the bar so high for how a person should be treated

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Do you think they will still shoot Carl? I'm afraid this is the reason for the 90 min. I hope I'm wrong. Good one my thinking is the mega herd attracted to ASZ.

They’re not shooting Carl. Do you know why they’re not shooting Carl? Because he’s already been shot. That plot is old. And he can’t lose an eye because that’s played out just by the Governor losing an eye. It’s why Rick never lost his hand. Because Merle lost his hand and it was a bitch to film just covered. Not to mention the show seems to have a strong stance on not maiming children or having them killed on screen. Lizzie and Micah were killed off screen. Luke was killed off screen. Sophia was killed off screen. I’m surprised as hell they showed Lily’s daughter getting bit but it was very brief. Judith supposedly died off screen but then she didn’t really die, which if they were following the comics she would have. They showed Carl getting shot in the chest/stomach (?) but all you saw was the impact. There wasn’t really any real messy stuff going on there. Shooting him in the chest/stomach is one thing. Shooting him through the eye or head is another entirely. It’s very violent and I don’t see them doing it, at least not to him. They would leave that for one of the adults. 

Dear Charlie,

My social anxiety and LOW self esteem are getting out of hand. I cant act like normal people do and when i talk i am finding out that i have nothing to talk about. I am so bleak and boring that i can’t even entertain myself half the time. I can’t talk on the phone without long pauses because i dont know what to say or get bad anxiety. Then when i talk to people i seem boring, dumb, or uninterested when i’m really not. I have no personality and no real me. Sometimes i think that it would be easier just to drink my life away and be interesting then to stay the shy self i am. I HATE being shy, but this is what i am. I hate that people keep there distance from me because i do with them. I am walking closer and closer to that bottle and even though i know i shouldn’t i fear that it will take to long to change who i have become. I just want to have an open conversation without fear or regret. I want to make people laugh and be enjoyable around others instead of awkward and i want to have friends most of all. I want to be something more then just a sad face with no words….

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Thanks for responding to my ask. I'll xKit your fanwank posts. Just wanted to let you know that I wanted to keep out of shipwars (actually any wars at this point because people are attacking whatever they can get their hands on). Sorry about the harassment you are getting. -J

Thank you SO MUCH for understanding! <3

Capricorn Daily Horoscope March 01, 2015 (Today)

When you encounter a strange person today, try to be accepting, not judgmental.

Toss out all your gossipy magazines and pulp fiction, because you are totally through with thinking about the small and trivial! You’re ready for advanced ideas and concepts. If you challenge your mental abilities, you’ll get a nice ego boost. Go to the bookshelf and grab a classic you never got around to reading — and keep a dictionary handy so you can learn the words that make you stumble. Your growth is in your own hands. Don’t waste this opportunity.