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I have an headcanon that Konohamaru had a crush on Hinata for some time and started following Naruto at the Hyuga compound when he needed to have a talk with Hiashi (because he was "the boss' wing man" but it was just an excuse to watch her), but then he met Hanabi (who was feeding the koi in he garden) while waiting for Naruto who was on a meeting with Hiashi and fell in love like the dork he is.

This is so adorable I think I might cry. Konohamaru with his his lil crush on Hina, and he just follows Naru around and has this idea that he’s totally got a thing for Hinata, and then just, Hanabi. Hanabi

This is another one that somebody really should write. 

No, I seriously need to hear more of this particular headcanon. Like, I need to see this. It’s dire. It’s important. It’s necessary. It’s perfect;;;

send me KonoHana headcanons


Today at Slimming World, a woman who usually attends another group came over to me and told me she thinks I’m amazing. Coming to group, sticking to plan after everything that’s been going on. She said I look happy and I look amazing (her words) and that she barely recognised me from the last time she came into my group.

She told me I should be so proud of myself and I should be proud of Annie because she’s a credit to me and she’s always so polite and well behaved even when there are other kids there (who’s parents don’t bother bringing things to entertain them and just let them run riot.)

I may or may not have cried (I totally cried.) I welled up again just writing it out.


Combining two of my absolute favorite things: David Tennant and Disneyland. 

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I agree with all the tags on your post about the races in HP comic thing except the one about Alfie Enoch as Dean Thomas... JKR says in the book that he is Black ... "a Black boy even taller than Ron..." Other than that though I totally agree.

Oh okay. But yeah I still feel like the rest is very valid and important. Honestly people should be allowed to see the characters as they want to see them. If you picture the trio as white because you saw the movies and your whole childhood you saw them that way, okay great! That’s your opinion. If you always believed Hermione to be black and/or Harry to be Indian, that’s cool too. If you changed your mind about their race, good for you! Just please do not put trash on my dash saying that just because someone is English they are definently white. Actually to be fair, it bugs me a lot too when people say that theyre unfollowing someone for believing that Hermione is white. That’s the popular opinion and you are still allowed to believe that. 

To sum it up: 

  • believing Harry + Hermione are pocs - great!
  • believing Harry + Hermione are white - cool!
  • telling people that its not okay to see Harry + Hermione as one way or another - please stop thats not cool

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You know what was missing from the London panel??? Whiskey!! And they put their chairs too far apart. But after that "well....Well" comment on the Lorraine show, I am totally convinced. I love these two.

I think they were drinking whiskey, no?! Yeah the chairs were definitely too far apart but Sam was still leaning into her, as always! They should have had them on a couch or something. Oh yeah that comment was definitely telling. They could have said “yep we’re best friends” and moved on but the whole thing was just awkward because they were caught out and they kind of panicked. Sooo obvious! 




Because wingsofpurelight wanted Stony in a compromising position. It’s… probably not what you (or I) had in mind and it’s not really really compromising maybe but… hell, it just happened. And I threw in my second OTP I’m really sorry 8D
It became mostly a sketch to make me feel better .A.


i’m here. you’re not alone. i love you.


"waddup, I got a big ice-pop...”


3rd gif inspired by this post

so, the finale.

So basically what I am understanding is that Eleanor walked into the front door of this place, then told fans not to take photos because of hate, and then left again?

That is like walking into a place and screaming, “I am here bitches!” and then when everyone turns to look at you, yelling, “Don’t look at me!” as you turn on your heel and walk back out.


pilot episodes ★ teen wolf
“What’s going on with me? You really wanna know? Well, so would I! Because I can see, hear, and smell things that I shouldn’t be able to see, hear, and smell. I do things that should be impossible, I’m sleepwalking three miles into the middle of the woods, and I’m pretty much convinced that I’m totally out of my freaking mind!”

Makoto worrying about Haru (x)
What really happened.
  • Rumple as Hook:I think we should never speak of this dagger thing again.
  • Belle:Yes, I agree.
  • Rumple as Hook:But to do so we must get extremely close to each other and put each other's hands in our chests as a pirate's oath to never mention it.
  • Belle:Erm okay I don't see why this is necessary-
  • Rumple as Hook:Shhh Belle. Feel my heart who's totally Killian's because I'm 100% Killian.
  • Belle:Uhhh I don't think this is necessary-
  • Rumple as Hook:Belle really do not make any sound lets just stare platonically at each other for a few seconds.
  • Belle:Is this even a thing?
  • Rumple as Hook:Yes Belle because it's a pirate thing and I would know because I'm a pirate and I sail and do pirate things.
  • Belle:...

Tattoos appreciation (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Also I am still not over the fact that when Jean Valjean was caught by the police

sneaking out of town with arms full of silver

looking super suspicious

his defense was, “some guy……gave it to me??”

and somehow that WORKED.


Fangirl Challenge: [1/5] pilots » Wolf Moon.
"What’s going on with me? You really wanna know? Well so would I because I can see, hear, and smell things I shouldn’t be able to see, hear and smell! I do things that should be impossible. I’m sleepwalking three miles into the middle of the woods and I’m pretty much convinced that I’m totally out of my freaking mind!"