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The problem with promises is that once you’ve made one, it’s bound to be broken.

Inspired by wearedurins​.

okay here’s one complaint i have about this album, i love dks with all my heart he’s my number two like protect him!!!!! but i really wished they had let xm have those parts of the song in m’s version because his singing is amazing and he’s proven that to us. they could have even given it to zt because zt is great too!!!! like when first love came out and ks was in it i was like ok i can do this but now he’s in the actual album and im just sitting here like yeah but xm!!!


aaron/robert | draw your swords

Okay, I have no idea who’s doing this or why, but it’s gotten to the point where people I like and respect are upset, and that’s just not okay.

the-lady-swan, i-know-how-you-kiss, and scribblecat27 are lovely people and contribute a lot to this fandom. I bet every CS fan out there has reblogged some of Carrie’s metas, read Liz’s fics, and enjoyed Sarah’s art. Now they shared a little spoiler tidbit with us to help reassure people who were nervous and scared… and the answer is to send them hate?

That’s not “expressing an opinion”, it’s not “deserved”, it’s nothing other than narrow-minded, immature bullying and hate. And no one is any kind of hero for doing it, they’re just a bully. Sending anon hate is cowardly and dishonourable.

Bad form, you might say.

And to the people doing it, all I can say is: look at your life. Look at your choices. Take a deep breath. Take three. And maybe join a self defence class or something to work off all that suppressed anger. Your fellow fans are not deserving targets for it.