after the war, there is nothing for draco. nothing, for a long time, and then suddenly there is luna. luna, who brings him harry, and then hermione— brings him odd offers of friendship in ways he’d never dared to dream of. it is a long battle; draco is unsure that his friendship would be wanted by anyone. it is only because of his work with luna at the quibbler that he even trusts her judgement. but harry is quick to accept his apologies; after what they’ve been through, boyhood rivalries mean very little to him. hermione’s trust takes much longer to gain— she has no use for his friendship, he has hurt her more deeply. it isn’t until draco takes interest in her catalogue of magical creature accounts that she even begins to talk to him, and draco begins to make amends by co-writing columns with luna in the quibbler to get the word out about her work. he even joins her on some of her travels abroad, joins harry and luna for dinners at the cottage, argues playfully with ginny about their favorite quidditch teams, and nods politely at ron whenever they are in the same room, though he never speaks a word to him. 

and draco is grateful for it all, because after the war there was nothing, and now he has been given everything.


I have been lying to you. Since the day that we met. Ok, no surprise there. Alright, let me start over. Ummm……I didn’t travel to the Cape when I was a kid. Well, we didn’t travel anywhere. No one ever left Corwich. Not until the war came. And my regiment went off to fight the British. […] I know historical events really really well. That’s because I lived them. And events from my childhood….they’re so sketchy because I haven’t been a child since the 1760s. Alright, it’s not making sense. It’s not making sense. It’s not making logical sense. But listen. You’ve been thinking it. Something is off. Every time that I have made a bad excuse or every time that I haven’t been there for you. Or made you question yourself. Now I didn’t want that for you, Kat.

You deserve the truth.