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Fake Film Meme with Hugh Skinner, Natalie Dormer and Killian Donnelly

Little Love a romantic comedy. Adam (Hugh Skinner) is a teacher in the kindergarten that is in love with Lisa (Natalie Dormer), a colleague, but he is to shy to confess it to her. Simon (Killian Donnelly), a single father of one of the children and the best buddie of Adam, discovers it and try to help him to conquer the heart of the lady. But something goes wrong and Lisa starts to think that is Simon the one in love with her. After a lot of ups and downs she discover the truth and everything ends well.

Asked by Anon

i like how i actually rebloged that ‘Jolie-Pitt family is SO ACCEPTING of their trans child’ with actual evidence that that info is dishonest and actually edited, manipulated into a HALF truth, and literally, no one has rebloged/liked/commented it from me, but it has otherwise appeared like 20 more times on my dash with the wrong info rebloged from others.

which just shows you how BIASED the people on this website are. They cherry pic what they want to believe and is convenient. Yet, these are the same People that like to call out on everyone elses ‘Problematic Faves’ but will actually MANIPULATE information on their faves to PROTECT and make them look unproblematic.

lets be real, everyone one is problematic. no one is perfect. you can still like your faves as long as you acknowledged they are problematic. But don’t EDIT or MANIPULATE actual information to make them look perfect. When you know they aren’t. That’s just really shitty, biased and hypocritical of you to do.