because do I have to explain why

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My friends don't know im bi, and me and one of my best friends have a lesbian rumour going around school (even though we aren't together). all my friends are laughing it off like 'haha it's soo funny because you're both straight'. do I tell them I'm bi and have dated girls before or would that make it awkward?

Hmm it can be awkward because of the romour what is going on. But if you feel like you want to cone out then just do it and explain why and how you feel

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For Trans Selfie Day, I saw a person who wrote "NB, he/his". On the pictures, he wore traditionally male clothing, had a traditionally male haircut, and looked amab. How is that trans, and how is that nb? This is not a rhetorical "what has the world come to", I genuinely don't understand and would like you to explain.

First: how the fuck do you know he’s amab? Afab people who have taken testosterone (and some afab people who haven’t) can “look amab.”

Second: I’m not medically transitioned, I wear skirts, and I’m okay with people calling me their girlfriend, am I not trans? It’s really common for nonbinary people to be like “fuck it, I’ll wear what I like,” because we’re never going to fucking pass as our genders anyway, so why bother? And whether you medically transition and what gendered words you’re comfortable having applied to you are very individual decisions. Just like I’m okay with “girlfriend”, some people are okay with the pronouns of their asab. It doesn’t make their experiences less legitimate. 

why pcy is my ultimate bias and probably always will be (ready to lose followers and tw bc this gets sad an attempted suicide is mentioned) and generally others - nothing is graphic but if you’re easily triggered pls dont try and read this for your own sake, okay?

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NAC: I'm kind of upset that they're making it the peddlers fault for potentially everything. I was kind of hoping everyone would find out they had free will and have villains realize they need to change and do better in order to get their happy ending. Of course, they used to have free will in a way, but with this author that is really not the case. Maybe A&E will blame the peddler for all the plotholes too? How do you feel about how the storyline is turning out?

I hope that they don’t just use him to excuse any actions or force things to happen because the most important part of any villain seeking redemption is recognizing that their actions have been their own choices, and feeling remorseful and wanting to make amends. I’d prefer if he just wrote a couple of bad stories like the Apprentice sending Lily away, but not use his stories to explain why the villains did things and why we should feel bad for them. 

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I have everything I ever prayed for, asked for, hoped for. Still, at times.. I feel a dissatisfaction with life. Like, happiness isn't defined as getting everything & achieving every goal. How do you define happiness in your definition? Can you explain why people still might not be happy even though they receive everything they need & want.

(all my opinion) but to me happiness begins within. You can have everything you ever hoped for and still not be happy because that’s not what happiness is.. it’s not having everything you need/want it’s reaching a level of serenity and peace within your mind your spirit. It is up to you to seek that inner happiness it can not be found in any tangible thing. To me becoming truly happy is a journey we must all embark on and not settle until we have reached that destination. Many things may block your happiness like an abusive past, self hate, unforgiveness.. etc So it is okay to have all those things you thought you ever wanted and needed because that is not what happiness is about, it’s deeper than that but at the same time it’s very simple.. it is within you, already, you just have to unlock it. (I hope that makes sense I tried my best to put my thoughts into words)

Me during sex

me: fck yea fck me hard
me on the inside: why didn’t I pass algebra? why are problems with letters so hard? it couldn’t have been the teachers fault, she explained it several times. could it be the government’s fault? does Obama not want me to pass high school level math? what did I do wrong? is it because I laughed at that Obama vine?

do you ever try to talk to your friend but they ignore you and you’re just like oh. there goes another one


Supernatural + X-Files AU: The one where Mulder and Scully are Sam and Dean’s parents. After their father is abducted by aliens, Sam and Dean join the FBI in search of the truth.

Based on a conversation between Tashira and I. 

something long and not funny about why I get anxious about a thing please feel free to ignore

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So I’ve had people asking about the SKIP (feature) thing, and while I’m sure you’re all tired of me restating that I come up with the characters and then they tell me what the story is that really is what happens to me, and in this case Arthur and Mesi came with a full feature film attached. The SKIP short you know was an abbreviation of the main aspects of it; inter-filmic travel and them being adorable.

What you may not know (or, at least, I can’t remember if I made a post about it), is that this crazy fun-times feature film in my head gives me enormous anxiety. Because I handed the entire plot to someone that I didn’t know.

Allow me to explain first that VFS was wonderful, is wonderful, and I love it and regret nothing about attending the course. What happened was something unusual, and only really a fault of my not asking for confirmation and for doing too much work. That stated our character design lessons were great and my teacher was and is a super great guy, like wow what a guy so cool. When we got an assignment to draw three characters from a feature I went at it full tilt. I wound up not only designing three characters, but a whole spectrum of supporting cast and a rough script outline. Start to finish, the big finale, the critical points of character development, the whole thing. I handed it in… and only got the character design sheet of the main three back.

I was, naturally, a little bit upset about it as the drawings had all been originals and I had no copies, but when I asked my teacher he was as surprised as I was that I’d only got the one sheet back. As it turns out the assignments were not being marked by the same guy who was giving us the lessons; a little unusual but not a fault necessarily. Two points of feedback are better than one and all that. My problem was, and is, that I didn’t know this person. I have had trust problems with teachers before, and to this day I don’t know if this mysterious other simply threw away the extra work, or kept it. If it was the former I would be overjoyed. The thing that has made me wake up in a cold sweat at four in the morning once a week for the past three years is the prospective of the latter. I live in perpetual fear of waking up to find a trailer for a corrupted version of my own film staring back at me on the internet. Paranoid, yes, but there it is. I can’t lie about it, I am constantly anxious about it, and even if I am busy enough to forget about it most of the time it bubbles back to the surface time and time again.

I am, as I hope you might know to be true by now, really quite critical of my own work, so I hope you understand what it means for me to say that I really believe that the SKIP feature is a good film. It is a good story. If this unknown person (whose name I have long forgotten and who I am almost afraid to seek out), thought the same of it and acted immediately they could quite well have me over a barrel, as I only finished the short film a good ten months or so after submitting that assignment. I know this is probably a fruitless and embarrassing confession of how truly unraveled my general state of mind is and that I am being overly suspicious and egoistic, but a story writer’s brain is always asking ‘what if?’ and mine is likely doomed to keep asking that question about this until I make this film, or someone else beats me to it.

Anyway sorry for the text splurge I think I just really needed to get that off my chest.


I can do this


All my friends who had been lucky enough to meet Darren in the past had told me that his hugs are the best in the entire world

Thus, when my time came for the photoshoot, I come to him and he smiles and he prances like a fawn in the forest that idiot and starts putting his arm around my shoulders and I immediately blurt “i want a hug”

(not at full capacity here Noemie, but alright, moving on)

and then


Darren pulls away and gives me a concerned look, like “why do you want a hug are you okay do you want to talk about it”


And I start explaining that I want a hug because his are the best in the whole world and he says “alright, yes of course” and GIVES ME THIS BEAR HUG LIKE MY FACE WAS ACTUALLY BURIED IN HIS SHOULDERS AND HE GAVE THAT LITTLE GROWL and then he whispers in my ear “you have to look at the camera for the shoot you know” and I almost said “no i’m good right here”


I love this picture so much

This man even more

(and he smells really good which doesn’t make sense at all because he had not slept and it was really warm in the studios)


Signs as Thoughts I Get Occasionally
  • Aries:"Fingernails grow and you clip them, but then they keep growing. I never saw this part a month ago. How do these even grow anyway? Why do we paint them?"
  • Taurus:"What if all the animals we farm were actually humans who got cursed to this life? We might all be either cannibals or vegans."
  • Gemini:"I don't know why this person explaining my mistake reminds me of this YouTube video I found yesterday, but who cares."
  • Cancer:"I'll bet the reason all the teachers schedule their tests at the same time is because they're all robots that are testing our patience. Oh man I just did a pun."
  • Leo:"I'm surprised I have friends, but hey, I'm doing something right for one."
  • Virgo:"Look at this pen right here. I could take it right now. After all, if I don't, it might fall into the hands of someone lame and nobody wants that.
  • Libra:"Ow I just stubbed my toe. Damn it now I'll have to stub the other one so it'll be symmetrical."
  • Scorpio:"Crush just set himself up for pickup line. Oh wait you can't do that that's weird. Man that would've been smooth though. Why can't I interact with my crush ever?"
  • Sagittarius:"I wonder if anyone would notice if I just left school and lived in the wild."
  • Capricorn:"I can't wait until I get rich so everyone will regret not making friends with me in my awkward high school phase and I can laugh at them."
  • Aquarius:"Nothing is real. This is just a video game. All my friends are AIs... This is sad."
  • Pisces:"Imaginary boyfriends will never disappoint me... Except in some areas. Like being real, for instance. Or sex."
You said you didn’t know why I fell more in love with you last night and it because when tears were streaming down my face, you put your arms around me without even saying anything. You didn’t have to though, because I got this feeling that I didn’t know how to explain, but now I do, I felt free. I felt like I could let go. I felt like I could let go of control. I try to control every aspect of my life and to finally be able to let that go just made me feel free. In that moment, I didn’t have to pretend to be anything and could just let go and feel. I fell more in love with you because just your arms around me could make me feel all of that.
—  My thoughts (via querquelife)

Charlie & Duncan | 2.14

"There’s been a little delay."

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Okay, Hi! Please do not get offended in any way because this is not the way my question is intended. But, could you please explain me the difference between pansexual and demisexual? I have looked online but I still do not seem to quite understand it. A pansexual friend of mine says that he is only attracted to those with whom he shares strong feelings with. Then, what is demisexuality? Again, please do not get offended. And thank you for educating me.

you can be a demi-pansexual

Demisexual is when you feel no sexual attraction to a person until a strong emotional bond is formed.

Pansexual means you are sexually attracted to all genders.

You can also be demi-homosexual, demi-bisexual, demi-heterosexual,  etc. There are no specific gender you have to be attracted to be a demisexual. 

If you have any more questions (which im sure you do), here are some sources that can explain demisexual better than i can (and i am demisexual)

here, here, here and here


Olivia Dunham — Fringe 2x14 “Jacksonville”

I was a defenseless child


I ’ M  N O T  C Y N I C A L . I ’ M  S M A R T .

Headcanon that in Paris, Prentiss got another cat that looked just like Sergio because she missed him and figured she’d never get to see him again anyway, so SURPRISE 7 months later everything is prematurely resolved and now she has 2 identical cats named Sergio (or Sergio and Sergio 2.0) and can’t tell them apart 50% of the time.

i couldn’t sleep last night so i went on a walk at about 3am. a cop car pulls up and the guy gets out and starts asking me why i’m up and about at this time. so i tell him i’m just on a walk because i couldn’t sleep then he says “there have been a lot of robberies around here in the past week or so so do you mind if i just search your coat” and i’m like “ofcourse not, go ahead” and he pulls out my phone, the screen is on because i just got a notification from Grindr and he looks at the screen for about 30 seconds, then he just says to me “someone wants you to swallow their semen” and i’m like “WHAT !!!! OMG?”. turns out the damn grindr notification is a horny 40 year old man telling me how he wants to force his cum down my throat. so by now the policeman thought i was cruising and he starts asking for my name and address and age and everything to check it with the database. i was so embarrassed. i’m never going to live this down.

Cloud play-fighting with the bfs though

They see him sort of like a harmless kitten, who bats his adorable little paws at you and is generally harmless. He likes to tap his hands against things when he’s bored, and if he’s close that can mean Angeal’s scruffy jaw and cheeks, Genesis’s shoulders, Zack’s arms and Sephiroth’s hips.

Angeal scrunches his face up in a way that’s cute when that happens which just encourages the violence, really, so if he’s sitting on the couch Cloud will climb onto his lap and harass him a little. Genesis and Sephiroth tend to grab his wrists when he starts to gently whack at them - they get locked in a struggle where Cloud will growl in his throat and try not to laugh as he attempts to overpower them. Sometimes Genesis will switch both Cloud’s wrists to one hand and use the other to tickle him, the asshole - then Cloud will try to get him with his knees and feet and anything he can flail, really. Sephiroth always, /always/ uses kisses to distract him, making Cloud’s arms go from lax copies of what he learned in hand-to-hand to winding sweetly around Sephiroth’s neck, his cheeks turning pink.

Zack, as the one primarily in charge of Cloud’s training, can get rough - they roll around on the floor and Cloud does his best to force the SOLDIER into submission. Zack lets him get close but always slips out of his hold, usually to turn the tables and make Cloud wriggle out of his own, usually with a murmured praise or two if he manages it (or even if he doesn’t).

They indulge him and never hurt the infantryman (with a few small exceptions that led to Cures, apologies, shaken SOLDIERs, and lots of talking as a group). Cloud is occasionally too awkward or quiet to initiate intimate moments on his own so sometimes this is his way of getting close and getting those kisses he was after all along, and other times it’s just fun to make the four super SOLDIERs stay on their toes

And eventually the day comes that Genesis does something stupid, and Cloud rolls his eyes, laughs, and hits him—and Genesis says “Ow!” and the four of them stare wide-eyed at their young man and realize soon he’s going to be a SOLDIER too.