DIY Your Best Nail Shape from beautylish. Go the link for the how-to on each nail shape.

  • Oval - for wide and narrow nail beds
  • Sqoval -for wide nail beds
  • Square - for narrow nail beds
  • Round - for short nails 
  • Almond/Point - this shape can slenderize and lengthen the fingers. 

You can also check out this infographic and another infographic on what nail art is popular on instagram here.


Parian Spirit: Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

My worst bad beauty habit has always been waiting until ALL my brushes are dirty to start cleaning them. I’ve never liked the tedious process of cleaning my brushes until I bought this Parian Spirit cleaning set from Beautylish.

This set includes an 8oz cleaner, a 2oz spray cleaner, and a ‘cleaning jar’ for $23. The jar has a mesh liner in the bottom, used for getting the residue out of the brushes.

I finally purchased this set after Beautylish gave out a $10 credit to use on anything in the shop (Thank you!) & so I got this set for only $18.

Upon first use, I knew immediately that this was going to be a life saver. The cleanser seems almost as if it’s drawn to the dirt in your brush, and practically PULLS the makeup out of the brush. Compared to my old routine of water, soap, and cheap cleanser, this reduced my cleaning time to less than 20 minutes for 20 brushes.

This product also has an incredible citrus scent, that smells EXACTLY like fresh oranges instead of terrible chemicals. Overall, I’m beyond pleased with this product & will be re-purchasing as soon as possible.


A few nights ago, I was determined to start blogging more about things that I keep buried very deep inside - something that really only my family ever hears about. 

It was inspired mostly by attending a preview hosted by the ever awesome (and oh so stylish) beauty webstore, blog, and community called Beautylish. It was a preview for the Wayne Goss Collection, which is a collection of make-up brushes created by YouTube beauty guru and real life professional make-up artist, Wayne Goss (hence… the name of the collection…).

Wayne is known for his straight-up, honest product reviews, easy-to-replicate-at-home beauty pro-tips, and his dreamy winks at the end of his videos. From talking to the other preview attendees and Beautylish staff, it’s his honesty that makes this collection so exciting - if he says they’re going to be beautiful soft brushes with well-balanced handles made with cruelty-free animal hair and handcrafted by Japanese artisans, then that’s what they are. There are no gimmicks or half-truths or PR spins here. 

The brushes are, indeed, some of the softest natural hair brushes I have ever come across especially in the price range. The white-hair angled foundation is brush is the most expensive of the lot at $45, and compared to a $45 MAC Cosmetics brush, it is worlds softer and more luxe. 

The main concern amongst my fellow beauty nerds was that the brushes might be too soft and the bristles not dense enough for proper application, especially for eyeshadow work, but I have a feeling that it won’t be a problem.

The good thing is we can find out soon enough. Beautylish will be starting the pre-order for this collection September 12. The preorder will open up in rounds, so the earlier you sign up for updates, the earlier you will be able to preorder (you can sign up here). The full collection will retail for $210, and I believe they’re supposed to ship out within the month of September.

Here’s a breakdown of prices if you’re not interested in the set:

  • Foundation: $45
  • Powder: $35
  • Crease (Large): $32
  • Crease (Medium): $28
  • Crease (Small): $25
  • Blending: $25
  • Lip: $17
  • Precision: $17

Now, one final note - the brushes are only labeled as such for ease of identification, but are, in actuality, multi-purpose. The powder brush (last picture above) can be used for all over powder, sure, but it would also make a great brush for contour/highlight, blush, foundation, and a wash of eyeshadow. The foundation brush can be used for contour/highlight, blush, and powder. All of the crease brushes and the blending brush can be used for eyeshadow, concealer, and precise highlighting. The lip brush can be used for lipstick and precise eyeshadow and concealer work. The precision brush can be used for detailed eye makeup, eyeliner, precise concealer, and brows.

So, that’s a lot of words about make-up brushes. And there will be more once I get my hands on them and have a chance to put them to work. 

Any other beauty nerds out there who are jonesing for some Wayne Goss brushes?

Also, did I adequately beauty blog the shit out of this event?

ALSO, thanks Beautylish for having us and giving us champagne and an assortment of stinky cheeses. You know how to show a girl a good time.