nonexistantbloghrfdtd said:

I'm going to my friends graduation ceremony.. Im wearing a colorful summer dress with a cardigan over it. Should i wear casual flips or wedges? I dont wnna look too nice or dumb.. I dont own any flats or nice flips flops... please help

Well either flip flops or wedges will look fine with a summer dress, so whichever you are more comfortable in (:

nonexistantbloghrfdtd said:

Hey i messaged you earlier about buying one but you never put me up but i couldnt see your response cuz i left my house. Some anon left me a message saying i lied to you. I'm not one of those girls who lies. I still have the email, but then i was thinking i could be mixed up with who i got it from name is Jessica Williams.. So if that's not you then i'm sorry but i wasn't trying to lie to you just to get tumblr famous... Just saying..

Yeah you must be mixing me up then, I’m not Jessica Williams doll!

Theme: I love the simplicity! Not too much going on, but just simple so it makes it more about the posts.

Blogger Personality: I REALLY like how you have ‘inspirations’. I think its great to be inspired by other people and blogs! I think you’re very pretty and i like your more natural photos the best! The fact that you list that if someone needs someone to talk to, they can talk to you, is great also! its also cool that you make youtube videos.

Posts: I enjoy your posts and would definately reblog them, although i wish you would add more personal posts! It gives your blog personality!

Overall Rate: I would rate your blog a 9 because i honestly, just really like it!