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Have you ever wanted beautiful, floral nails but didn’t have the budget to go get it done, or the patience to do it yourself? Well, today we bring you a super easy, lazy way to make them yourself, in no time!

You’ll need nail polish (suggested: base and top coat, jade, pink, peach, white, and green), a cotton swab, and nail polish remover.

Step 1. Apply a transparent base coat so that your nails won’t turn yellow, and to make your design last a little longer.

Step 2. Apply your base color, in this case we chose jade.

Step 3. Make uneven, imperfect polka dots. We used pink for this.

Step 4. Now make “G” shapes with a different color. We used peach.

Step 5. With a light color, apply to spots at opposite ends to give your flowers a bright, shimmery effect.

Step 6. Now use green to make the leaves, try to make two per flower. 

Step 7. Let them dry for at least 30 minutes and then apply your transparent top coat for a longer effect.

Step 8. Use a cotton swab with nail polish remover to get rid of the mess.

And you’re done! Wasn’t that easy?


Have blackheads ?? Now worries, here’s an easy DIY for you all to remove blackheads..its super easy and IT WORKS !! ^_^

Source: weheartit

Makeup That Should Be Undetectable! | The Beauty Department

As a complete beauty novice, I completely adore The Beauty Department! Unlike other blogs that assume you know how to perfectly line your eyes and blend blush with bronzer, it gives tons of tutorials on how to get your basics right. I always stress out that my foundation isn’t blended in properly or I’ve got mascara clumps all over my eyelids. This article goes through all your basics and links to other tutorials on things like getting the right shade of foundation (match it to your neck, not your cheek!), how to apply cream foundation and applying concealer to blemishes. I’m thinking I might need to print it out and keep it in my bathroom!