anonymous said:

Can we please imagine Jason coming back to life and seeing Rena all grown up. ugh

Oh man. He’d be expecting to see teenage girl Rena age 15, because that’s how he last saw her… and then he comes face to face with this beautiful woman.

And Jason’s brain is still on teenage boy mode when it comes to dating, where he hasn’t been around adult women much, and girls are AMAZING but adult women are almost TOO MUCH TO HANDLE, so beautiful, so mature, so confident, so … “developed” wow wow wow, adult women, that’s the stuff of fantasies, man.

So she’d completely “electrofry” him again, probably.


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Heartbeat In The Brain
  • Heartbeat In The Brain
  • The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
  • Whenever, If Ever

If your arms are just felt then when you hold me I’ll feel held.
We’ll sink in these notes.
It never felt like this.
Tell me we belong here.
If your arms become smoke then I’ll have nothing left to hold.
We’ll dissipate with these notes.
It shouldn’t feel like this if everyone belongs here.