I'm Sorry, Lord, for the thing I've made it

When the music fades
and all is stripped away
and I simply come.
Longing just to bring something that’s of worth
that will bless Your heart.

I’ll bring You more than a song,
for a song in itself
is not what You have required.
You search much deeper within,
through the way things appear,
You’re looking into my heart.

I’m coming back to the heart of worship
and it’s all about You, it’s all about You, Jesus.
I’m sorry, Lord, for the thing I’ve made it when it’s all about You, it’s all about You, Jesus.

King of endless worth,
no one could express
how much you deserve.
Though I’m weak and poor,
all I have is Yours,
every single breath!
—Heart of Worship—

For those of you who know my testimony, you know it is deeply rooted in the midst of worship. As I played for the Lord who I did not intimately know, I was overwhelmed in tears with a love and a hunger that has not subsided since. My desire to use this talent He has given me in return for His glory and praise is never-ending and never satisfied; I cannot play forever in the current body I reside in. In heaven, we will jam for eternity.

There are few things that bring deep anger to my heart, especially in an instant, but when we begin to make worship something it is not, we have stopped focusing on the One who it is FOR - The LORD, YHWH, I AM, Abba Father! HE deserves it ALL. The focus, is on Him and Him alone.

Before I dive deep, please know that worshipping the Lord is not only done on Sundays, Saturdays, or Wednesdays. But, every day and every moment we have the opportunity to live for Him, praise Him with our hearts, and glorify Him with our lives. That is a continuously beautiful, breathtaking act of worship. I don’t mean to sound mundane in saying this, but reminders are always a good thing.

Have you ever prayed to have the eyes of God to see even a glimpse of His children the way He sees them? Wow – overwhelming beauty! Every person has so much uniqueness within them, created specifically for the kingdom of God. Seek these things out in others! The discovery of such things will fill you with such joy at how God creates in immense detail.
So, we all acknowledge that everyone is created uniquely and beautifully different by the hands of God – so why do we expect everyone to express love and praise toward God in the same way? Do we expect God to be utterly boring? That’s like God receiving the same Christmas gift a million times over. He is so much more creative than that. We are underestimating His creative ability when we expect others to act the same in their faith and love for and toward God as we do. Looking at this from my perspective; can you imagine a worship team of all drummers? Yikes. Competitive nonsense right there. Anyways, remember that God is love – He knows an infinite amount of ways to express Himself to us, and as we are created in His image, He’s not going to create just one way for all of His image-bearers to express the embodiment of who He is back to Himself.

To all of you who just have to MOVE when you worship (I getya), don’t assume that those who stand completely still are not ecstatically praising God. And to those who stand completely still (I get that sometimes too), don’t think that those who are constantly moving are just simply being obnoxious and showing off. First of all, I hope that you wouldn’t take the time of worship to even think about such things, but we’re human, and judgments cross our minds every now and then – I’ve heard just about all of the “worship stereotypes” and what not. But HOLY GOODNESS, when the Spirit moves… HE MOVES. Let Him! Some may express that by an inability to control themselves in how they move (David danced around naked! Imagine the joy!), and some may feel so overwhelmed they cannot move at all but only obtain the ability to stand in place in reverent awe. I’ve seen the “face-grabbers,” the “floor-kneelers,” the “eldery-lady-hallelujah-delighters,” and one of my favorites, when the youngsters who know few words softy say, “Jesus.” O! Goosebumps just thinking about the way the Spirit moves like that! And I don’t mean to place titles on people, I just made those up in the moment to quickly convey a few ways God’s children react to the Spirit within them SHOUTING Praise to the Father.

Now, worship leaders, let’s talk for a moment. If your heart is not humble, I beg you to be careful. If an ounce of your pride wants any part of that glory – step away. None of it is yours to claim. The amount of hours and effort you put into the set list for that worship session is nothing compared to the fact that God gave you your gifts in the first place, your opportunity to praise with those gifts, and your very breath… give Him glory for those things and more. We don’t even have understanding of all HE does.
Also, there is also no need for manipulation. If we are praising in a traditional westernized worship setting, yes, the congregation is facing your direction, but don’t let yourself take attention off of God. The focus is not what is in front of the congregation, but what is moving Within. There is no need to raise your hands for the sake of getting others to do so, when the Spirit moves in them, they will react as they do – hands in the air or not. We each react to the Spirit within differently – please remember that. You just get up there and worship God with your gifts to how He has called you to do so… and let it just be… You and God.

Again, Worship in a way that it becomes just you and God. When I sit behind the set and the music starts… I’m gone. When I have the ability to stand and jump and dance a little and sing at the top of my lungs and beat my hand on my heart… I’m gone. When I have the ability to fall to the floor, or to stand in reverent awe, or to sit in deep reflection… I’m gone. The things that break my heart in worship are when I open my eyes and see the whispering and the pointing fingers to how someone is worshipping differently than the individual. There is truly, no need. You are pointing your finger at how the Spirit is moving in them. Does that not break your heart even a little? You are judging the way God moves during a time we should be praising Him together in fellowship as HIS Body! And I do not think God created the unique parts of the body in order to have His own fingers pointing back at Him in judgment.

It all comes down to, it’s what’s going on between their heart and God. But let’s not focus on what’s going on in their heart in that time… focus on what’s going on between yours and God. Where do YOU go in worship? Don’t worry about the person on the front row. What is your heart doing up there? Worship is a time of doing just that – worshipping.

I also know there are theological issues that come to play in these ridiculous judgments. I’m not going to get into all of that (oiy vey). But I’m just going to say, if the Lord moved in a certain way in a certain time period, I’m not going to say YWHW cannot move in such a way again. So, if a person is not worshipping how you think is “theologically correct,” ask yourself if what they are doing is unbiblical. It most likely isn’t.. it’s just not lining up with what fits your personal theology… Personally, I think if they are PRAISING Abba Father because they are moved by the Spirit… why try to stop them or change the way they praise? There is no right or wrong way. Stop getting hung up on what WE mere FLESHLY beings want to say God does and does not do. HE is God.
Focusing on who He is brings about a simple and pure worship. It is simply, a reaction to the Spirit’s movement.

Worship Him.
Praise Him with your breath.
Glorify Him with your Life.
Love like Him with your entire being.

- alliee-daughteroftheking

The Secret

I was told to watch this movie on Netflix today called “The Secret”, at first i was feeling as though this was going to be a load of crap. I thought that it was another excuse for non-Christians to basically justify Christianity without acknowledging that there is a God but as I continued to watch I realized that it was a lot deeper than that.

This movie change my perspective on the way that I am living my life in general because things that were said I have seen in my own experience is true. For months I would say “Im going to quit smoking” but I have never said “I quit smoking”. This movie talks about attraction and speaking things into existence and when you think of things whether consciously or self consciously you are still putting these things into existence.

For about two weeks now I have continued to say ” i quit smoking” and I have not had and urge to smoke since speaking this into existence.

This movie has motivated me to create a list of things that will happen that I will speak into existence because negativity that I allow to take over my body is unnecessary.

My list of positivity:

I am beautiful.

I am healthy.

I will lose weight for my health, not for self worth.

I will be and attorney.

I will never be in debt.

Someone will love me.

I am confident

and as my tattoo says, I am “BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE”.

I have spoke these things into existence and I will continue to repeat them and believe them everyday because I believe that change in my life starts with no one but me.

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