James Speed Hensinger, a Vietnam War veteran has released incredible night-time photographs he took of American troops opening fire on a Viet Cong sniper who had been firing on a U.S. Army camp.

For more than four decades, he kept these incredible photographs to himself, not releasing them to the public until now.

Hensinger was just a 22-year-old paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in April 1970 when a Viet Cong sniper began spraying automatic rifle fire on Hensinger’s base in Phu Tai, near the coastal city of Da Nang.




Tourists watch water gushing out from the Xiaolangdi Reservoir on the Yellow River during a sand-washing operation in Luoyang, central China’s Henan Province. The on-going operation works by discharging water at a volume of 2,600 cubic meters per second from the reservoir to clear up the sediment in the Yellow River. The Yellow River has been plagued by an increasing amount of mud and sand. Each year, the river bed rises as silt deposits build up, slowing the water flow in the lower reaches.

Picture: Quirky China News/Rex Features



  1. Winds whipped by the Powerhouse fire create a ‘firenado’ near Lake Hughes, on June 1, 2013. Picture: Reuters/Gene Blevins
  2. Yuccas catch fire as the Powerhouse fire makes a fast run toward Lake Hughes on June 1, 2013 south of Lake Hughes, California. The 32,000-acre wildfire destroyed numerous homes. More than 2,000 firefighters have been working in hot, dry conditions to establish containment lines around 60 percent of the fire as of June 4. Picture: David McNew/Getty Images
  3. The landscape glows immediately after the main fire front swept over in a fast run toward Lake Hughes on June 1, 2013. Nearly 1,000 firefighters have been working in hot, dry conditions to establish containment lines around 20 percent of the fire so far. Picture: David McNew / Getty
  4. Firefighters battle the Powerhouse wildfire in the Angeles National Forest, near Lake Hughes, California, on June 2, 2013. Cooler weather has allowed the firefighters to reach 60% containment of the fire. Picture: Reuters/Gene Blevins
  5. Fire surrounds Lake Elizabeth during the Powerhouse fire in the early morning hours, near Lake Hughes, California. Picture: Getty


Mount Sinabung spews ash, as pictured from Sibintun village in Karo district, Indonesia’s north Sumatra province. Mount Sinabung continued to spew volcanic ash throwing a plume 26,000 feet into the atmosphere on Monday as thousands of residents remained in temporary shelters fearful of more eruptions, according to local media.

Picture: Roni Bintang/Reuters

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