So unfortunately I really no longer have the time for this blog, and am interested in seeing it go to a good home.

It currently has over 6,000 followers - if you’re interested please PM me and we can discuss. I’d also be interested in uploading my collection somewhere too, if anyone is interested in that (gigs of Beatle pics and gifs, in black and white and color).

Even if you’re not interested in taking over this blog or my picture collection yourself, but are a Beatles fan/blog who might have followers who might be interested, please pretty please feel free to reblog!

I’ve truly loved doing this blog and will miss it so much! Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported over the years (since 2011, wow). It’s more appreciated than you know ♥


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QUESTION QUESTION QUESTION!!! What are your favorite Beatles blogs?

Sorry it took so long to answer this!

My personal favorites are (in no particular order)

And since I love the girls so much I will include my favorite Beatle Girls blogs.

I know I’m forgetting some, but these are the ones I could think of right now. And unfortunately, some of these aren’t active anymore. :( 

Hey if any of you have a blog dedicated to The Beatles or their ladies, let me know so I can add it to this list. :)

- Kirsten 

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This Time Around is a super quality album / sorry I’m a random super Hanson fan so I had to chime in :p

Oh god, I ruined that cd because I played it so much in my youth. Same goes with their “Middle of Nowhere” album. XD I had massive crushes on Isaac and Taylor, although with the recent pics I just saw, Zac’s quite the looker now. lol They’re basically our generation’s Jonas Brothers. -snort-

beatlesincolor replied to your post: beatlesincolor replied to your post This Time…

Basically! Except they have actual talent! :) and sorry I had to add a Hanson gif I so rarely get to use them :p and yes Zac did grow up nicely!

No, no! It’s fine! I didn’t even know there were Hanson gifs to be used! lol I literally just now remembered them after getting the String Quartet tribute to Mmmbop. Guess this means I need to stroll back down memory lane and download the originals as well. X3