Imagine you and Connor at the cinema on a Modern Day Setting

A/N: This one is for the lovely purple-otaku-girl <3

Y/N clung into Connor’s arm when the ghost screamed with a mischievous smile at the huge screen. Damn, she was not really a fan of those movies. She earned some giggles from the native, who leaned over her and whispered softly to avoid disturbing the others in the room.

“Are you that afraid of ghosts or you just want to get closer of me?´´

His breath tickled her skin, sending shivers down her spine. She frowned in frustration, dropping him and whispering:

``Of course not. Such a child’s thing …”

Seconds later, she had her hands covering her eyes, afraid of the next scene as Connor needed to contain a loud laugh. 

Next time they were going to watch Disney movies. Yeah. And no more ghosts or letting  Connor choose the movie. She made a mental note to herself.