How to put a photo inside text

In this tutorial I’m going to show how to put an image inside a font. The program I use is PhotoPlus X5, however when I learned it I used instructions set for Photoshop, but because they are similar it shouldn’t be too hard!

So firstly open up the picture you want to put inside your font…

 I’ve chosen a picture of a wasp sitting on a dandelion but you can choose whatever picture you want to, just make sure it has reasonable resolution and can fit the text you want on it!

 Next you need to duplicate the background layer, usually this would be in case you do something wrong and you can’t remove it but this is so you can create your image in text masterpiece.

 Now you need to create a new layer and place it in between the background layer and the background copy layer, on Photoplus X5 the new layer button is a little ‘+’ sign on the bottom left of the layers palette.

 Once you’ve created the new layer you need to make the new layer white, so just simply use the flood fill tool (the tool that looks like a bucket) and it will become white although once you’ve done this you won’t notice any changes as the white layer is in between two layers.

 Now to add the desired text. Make sure your text layer is above all the layers to begin with just so when it comes to customising and altering you are able to see what you doing and it also helps to see if you’ve spelt everything correctly. Make sure the text is white, and I’d recommend a chunky block font such as the one I have used here (Basic Sans Heavy SF), this is so that most of the picture can be seen as it should be relevant to the text. Once you’ve typed the text and chosen the font, alter the image using the Deform Tool so stretch the text so it takes up most of or the part of the image you want to use.

 Once finished with the text you now need to move the text layer in between the white layer and the background copy layer.

 Once all layers are in place right click on the top layer and click ‘Clip to Layer Below’, which as it says will automatically clip the layer to the text layer below.

 After clipping the layers you should be presented with something like this! If it hasn’t worked make sure your text layer is above the white layer and not below.

This is my finished piece, I’ve added a drop shadow just to make it stand out from the page. You could try and play around with the drop shadow or maybe add an inner shadow, it’s up to you!

Here is the tutorial I used that is designed for photoshop…

Have fun playing around with this tutorial, maybe email me your finished images and I’ll make a post with some :)