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"Joy Valencia is one prime current example in the music world that shows how much can be accomplished with enough drive, spirit, and, naturally, talent. Hers is a homegrown feel with a brilliant polish that, while almost Hollywood-esque in nature, is built on a foundation of a mutual, symbiotic support between herself and her fans. Not depending on the backing of a label, genuine is only one way to describe the Chicago-born, now Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer – stunning, eclectic, varied in style of genre (folk rock, pop, and cabaret comprising her works) are a few others. You can find her first music video for the catchy, cheeky single “Don’t Wake the Lion”, as well as more reasons to adore Joy Valencia, in our BeatCrave Fav series."  - Candace Butler,

Hope you’re enjoying summer! I’m kindof missing it by being locked in the studio!!! :/ BUT I love it & know the work will be worth it!! Cookin up a sweet batch of tunes…..