Beast boy ^o^ I ship him with Raven <3 His face is painted in a different way so it might look different from my usual style . Happy early Valentine Guys  ! I’ll come up with a special tutorial tomorrow for the occasion : D 

PSD,Video process, High res of this piece and others will be made available through ►◄ for bi-weekly support : )

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AMAZING Fan Art Of Familiar Cartoons
By: andrahilde
From: (In order) beavis and butthead, kids next door, dexter’s laboratory, Ben ten, billy and Mandy, South Park, Danny phantom, teen titans, Ed edd n eddy, samurai jack.

Okay, I’m tired of working on this, so I guess that means I’m done with it. So I re-did Raven again since the last WIP I did, just adjusted the proportions of her head and body, changed the pose a little and furled out the cape as some suggested.

I doubt I’ll make any further changes after this.


30 Day teen Titans Challenge

Day 15: Favorite quote from any character; Starfire

No price is ever too high when it comes to doing what is right.”


BBRAE WEEK Day 1-Midnight 

I have this idea that beastboy and raven do cute cuddly things in the wee hours of the night when everyone else is sleeping VuV! Don’t worry, they keep it PG ;) They probably cuddle and smooch and play videogames and stuff. They just don’t let the others know about it ;) Happy BBRAE week 2015!! 

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