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[Trans]@Joker891219 (bigbadboii):It’ll be good if this small act brings some strength.Everyone, have some hope and pray that things like miracles will happen. The video is short so it’s a little rushed but i hope you will understand .As for the people who will bring more strength , they are (I nominate ) Block B ‘s Zico ,Crush ,actor Kang Haneul .


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Gold Velvet Belle’s Ballgown!

Made my very own Belle Ballgown for the first time! Will be wearing it to my first ever DRAGONCON! So excited. Made in marigold satin and gold velvet. Wishing the velvet had come out a bit yellower, tried to dye it and that did help, but it’s still a pretty resistant gold. Ah well, pretty pleased anyway. 

Hoping to have time to make matching gloves. But we’ll see. 

You can see more photos on my costume facebook page, Pictures of me in the dress will probably appear on my personal facebook.  

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