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[Trans]@Joker891219 (bigbadboii):It’ll be good if this small act brings some strength.Everyone, have some hope and pray that things like miracles will happen. The video is short so it’s a little rushed but i hope you will understand .As for the people who will bring more strength , they are (I nominate ) Block B ‘s Zico ,Crush ,actor Kang Haneul .


tran cr :@B2STrend

 P.S : junhyung was tagged by Park Sinhye

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140821 Dongwoon’s Ice Bucket Challenge (Telly video)

DW: Hello, I’m BEAST’s Dongwoonie. I accept the challenge from BEAST’s member Gikwang Hyung. I’m really happy to join this good cause. Even though I’m on on vacation right now, I’m going to accept this challenge.

As next I’m nominating Infinite’s Woohyun, MBLAQ’s Mir and Apink’s Son Naeun.

He pours the water over his head (Junhyung laughs behind the camera)

*Both of them are on vacation overseas and there’ve been some rumours that there are in Hawaii. It’s also possible that Dujun is with them but it’s not 100% confirmed yet.

trans: jhs-a

9 Male Idols Who Starred In Some Addicting K-Dramas


We’ve been grooving here with High School, Love On. If you are not watching it, it is a fun high school romance starring Infinite members Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol. The developing onscreen bromance of the real life band members is almost as fun as the onscreen romance. It got us thinking though, what are the best drama roles from our favorite K pop stars?

1. Yong Joon Hyung of Beast in Monstar.

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14/08/22 Yoseob’s twitter update:

all4b2uty: 행복하네요
trans: I’m happy

all4b2uty: 숨은 양갱이
trans: Hidden Yanggaengie

all4b2uty: 아빠가 뒤에서 잡으러가는중
trans: Daddy is going to catch him from behind

trans: jhs-a

all4b2uty: 넓은 들판.. 좋은 공기.. 맑은 날씨.. 양갱이 혼자 뛰어 다니는 모습을 보다가 문득 잊고 살았던 평범함의 평화로움을 느끼게 됐네요..ㅎㅎ양갱아 마무리 잘하고 수석 졸업하자!♡
trans: Wide field.. Fresh air..Clear weather.. While looking at the way Yanggaengie runs around alone, I suddenly came to feel the ordinary peacefulness that I’ve forgotten of while Iiving.. hehe. Yanggaeng-ah, let’s end this well and graduate as the first in the cIass! ♡

trans: B2STrend

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MBC STAR GAZING - 21/08/14 
[translation credit: MrsDooB2UTY - 1 & 2 [take out with credit]

Fan: Hyuna-ssi, please answer this honestly.. What’s your r/ship with Hyunseung-ssi?

Hyuna: Oh…

Fan: Don’t think too much to lie

Hyuna: LOOLL Erm.. I have nothing to say about our r/ship…

Fan: Why not!!?

Note: Please do not take the above exchange too seriously. It was made in playful jest ^^. Also, if someone would kindly translate the rest of the fan exchange with Hyunah, I’d be very grateful.