What I Did On My Birthday: Spotted John Finnemore References At Every Turn


1, “Yellow c- Bears! Bearsted! Bears, Ted! Teddy Bears! BEARS!”

2, Goose friends

3, “And with that, boys and girls, Rufus the Magic Christmas Lion, bit the awful man’s head off. ROAR!”

4-7, The Feats of Falconry.

8, “Vultures are very, very lazy birds,” the keeper told us, right in front of the vulture. I was disappointed that the vulture didn’t attack him with his corrosive vomit. He would have been entirely justified: “When threatened!”

9-10: “For God’s sake, didn’t you see the owls?”

my new bearst friend 🐻

(i know the line work is shitty and wonky and just bad but i’m working on fixing it i promise)