My Gabifresh galaxy print fatkini arrived from Swimsuitsforall today. I’m feeling torn about it because I want to love it, and I want to love the way my body looks in it, but I can’t help but feel that I may have liked the bottoms more if I had a rounder belly, rather than the double belly that I rock currently. I am absolutely holding on to it! I love love love the top, and was amazed that it actually gives some support for my 42DDD ladies.  The suit appears to be well-made, which is lovely considering the low price of 60 dollars. The print is GORGEOUS, and I love the colours. I bought mine in a size 18, and I found that it fit true to size. For reference, I am 5’5” and weigh somewhere between 230-240 lbs. I generally wear a size 18-20. I don’t know if I’m ballsy enough to wear this to a public beach, but I have no doubt I’ll get some use out of it at camp! Definitely holding on to this one. 

This is the woman I love, the woman I’m going to marry, the woman I’m hopelessly in debt with (we just secured a mortgage and will be moving into our own house in July). She is one of, if not the, best woman I’ve ever known (mother and grandmothers included) and I feel tremendously lucky that she loves me. I don’t often share on the internet, but she’s been working nights and I’ve been working afternoons and I miss her… also she’s sexy as fuck.


Can you believe my dress has tiny lipsticks all over it? It’s too adorable, I feel like barfing. I just worked for a week straight, and since I’m a nurse that means I wore scrubs for a week, so I’ve been unable to participate in Fatshion February so far, but this is what I wore to take my cat to the vet and go shopping for jeans. 

-cardigan is Old Navy, XL 

-dress is Forever 21+, 2X, and I think it’s still available

-tights are from We Love Colors

-leather boots are Guess, size 9, although they’re difficult to see


This was my first time ordering a dress online from This is the ‘Petal Patch’ dress ( It’s obviously tight on the chest, but I’m pretty okay with it. I’ll just wear a camisole under it if I want to wear it out with family or something. The dress appears to be relatively well-made. What sucked me in was the floral pattern and the colour…I love it! I would probably order from them again, probably when I’m feeling somewhat impulsive, as shipping was SUPER fast, being that they are a Canadian company. For reference, this dress is a size 20/xxl, and I normally wear a 20/22. I usually order most of my dresses from ASOS, but they take FOREVER to get here, so it’s good to know that I have an option if I need a dress fast!

Also, can you tell that I haven’t learned my lesson about cutting my own bangs, yet?


What I wore to have lunch with friends. 

I’m excited for summer to come so I can wear this dress without tights or a cardigan! 

My days off are coming to an end, and I have to go back to work tomorrow night. It was a good week while it lasted, though. I spent most of my time cleaning, shopping, and drinking, so it was semi-productive. Today: nursing a hangover and watching movies with my man.