I’m opening up commissions (as I need to pay my health insurance and stuff)! If you’re interested, please send an email at contactpapercrow@gmail.com with the following info:

 - Your tumblr username;

- Type of commission (sketch, lineless, etc.);

- Description of commission (poses, attitude, accessories/weapons, etc.);

- References (pictures and/or descriptions of the character(s));

- Special requests (animals, background, perspective, etc.).

I’ll draw almost anything, including NSFW and gore. However, if I feel in any way uncomfortable drawing something, I have the right to decline your commission. Backgrounds and animals aren’t my strongest point, but I’m willing to try my best.

Unless stated otherwise, commissions will be open at all times. When I receive your commission info, I’ll reply with my info about the payment. Payments will be made upfront via PayPal (in USD). When the payment has been received, I’ll start on the sketch which I will send to you for approval. Once approved, I’ll continue with the rest of the piece.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note or email. 

Signal boosts are appreciated :>

This info is dated! Please refer to my new commission post if you’d like to commission me! (:


Tom, put the gun down before you do something
you’ll deeply regret.
I’m the one you want.


↳ kurtbastian hiatus project » kurtbastian au: » day 2: childhood friends
Sebastian and Kurt have been friends since they were kids, but Sebastian only becomes aware of his feelings for Kurt when he can’t stand the idea of seeing him with other guys.