Sooooo I read a little story…. and got carried away.

The story was made by one of my -absolute- favorite writers for the GF fandom


They wrote One of the World’s Unseen and I completely fell in love with the Shape shifter au she incorporated into it, and Dragon!Bill, Oh gosh it’s so good!

I also wanted to say thanks for the complement, It means a lot to me! 

( ^ v ^)* ~ <3

 I’m the Chip You’re the Dip   [x] 



2015 Calendar Series/Meimei + Po 

(by Jon Lau)

A series of nature-themed illustrations made for an upcoming 2015 calendar. This is the first product from a line of whimsical lifestyle goods I’m currently developing, Meimei + Po, made in collaboration with designer Natalie Huynh

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