I’ve had a real rollercoaster of a weekend that’s given me a lot to think about and I needed comfort food… so what better than donburi?

This is salmon donburi with beans and beansprouts, spring onions and a fried egg on top! It was also the best thing I’ve made in some time.

A lot of people think that donburi must be hard to make, but in truth it’s just doing a lot of different things at once and making sure that the different elements of it don’t go cold before you’ve had a chance to put them all together.

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Name: jordyn
Nickname: jor
Birthday: april 27th
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: lensexual it means i like len kagamine and len kagamine only
Height: 5’6” i think
Favorite Color(s): silver, anything pastely 
Lucky Number: 88
Favorite Fictional Character(s): uhh marluxia, cloud strife, zack fair, thanrduil, kimblee, hope estheim, pagan min, wukong, a lot more probably
Favorite Beverage: arizona iced tea, green tea lemonade from starbucks
Favorite Food(s): popcorn and beansprouts
Last Movie I saw: the hobbit: the battle of the five armies cries
Dream Wedding: something disney themed or at disneyland
Dream Job: im not sure but being an interior designer sounds fun

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[LQ] Amamiya Hibiya & Asahina Hiyori + Hiyori’s doll [Shidu]