Earlier this year, TGV Cinemas, a theatre chain in Malaysia, introduced the Beanieplex (aka “the bean bag hall”), which replaced your standard cinema seating with comfy beanbags.

According to the TGV website, “the revolutionary ‘Beanieplex,’ Malaysia’s first and only cinema hall featuring bean bag seats, offers patrons a cosy and relaxed viewing experience and has become a favorite among movie-goers.”

Of course, there are downsides to having a movie theatre full of bean bags. For instance, what happens when someone dumps soda, popcorn and candy all over the seat? Cleaning a beanbag seems way more difficult than cleaning your standard theatre seat.

Three TGV chains currently include the Beanieplex experience: the Sunway Pyramid, the 1st Avenue Mall and the ÆON Tebrau City Shopping Centre.


ironman 3 at beanieplex.

first time watching movie in beanieplex, a new concept… where you sit or lay down on beanies instead of chairs. it’s very relaxing and comfy, wished i had blanket and teddy ahahaha!

will definitely go again when a nice movie come up! =)