My English wasn’t great, but it was passable. I taught myself how to put a tie on through the Internet. Imagine the greatest amount of anxiety you could have and multiply that by one hundred. The anxiety was almost humanly unbelievable. At Bloomberg, I was being assessed on a personal level. I was sitting face to face with someone thinking, Do we really want a Hasidic? What’s with the payes? (Hasidic side curls devout men wear.) Why can’t you wear a suit? I had all these crazy thoughts about how I was being perceived negatively. I think my perceptions were not completely wrong. People have preconceptions about Hasidic men. I wanted the job, but part of me knew I could not survive there. The stress would be intolerable. I was relieved when the recruiter told me they were going with someone else.

I wound up with a very good job at an Orthodox-owned company. The owner was not Hasidic, but he had two other Hasidic men doing computer work for him. He liked hiring Hasidim because he could pay them less, because they had no college degrees. Hasidic men can be very geeky because Talmud study is obsessed with small details. You don’t know what obsession means until you meet a Hasidic scholar. You start paying attention to the meaning of single letters.

mythreedaysofgrace asked:

Hello! I know you'll probably in Cloud 9 (or whatever number you like best) from meeting them but I was wondering if you know what Sólstafir means? Oh and your new profile picture is so, SO cute~!

I am indeed and THANK YOU oh my goodness, I can’t even look at it, or my own freaking blog without smiling. <3 <3

And yes I do! It is the Icelandic word for “crepuscular rays” which is when the sun does that gorgeous thing where it breaks through the clouds in beautiful beams, particularly around dawn and dusk. Rather fitting for them, isn’t it?

A literal Sólstafir. <3


The real horror. #charliecharliechallenge



Artist on tumblr -  Deem ( Khadeem Davis )

Young Jamaican Artist, experienced in the disciplines of Sculpture, Installation Art, New Media, Photography and Illustration. I am inspired my Rock, Rap, Reggae and the Music of Jimi Hendrix and Victor Wooten and I am a fan of Mix Martial Arts.
My creative process facilitates diverse explorations through various styles and disciplines, whether two or three dimensionally. As an artist my process is not limited to monotonous conventional methods of creating art. I hold no regard towards the limitations, boundaries and restrictions society and institutions place on the role of the artist.

A cardboard installation is a representation of my psychological state of mind at a young age and the conflict between the egos and personalities that exists within my consciousness.

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