ATTN North Jersey/NYC/Philly/etc.: My grandmother is no longer able to care for her two beagles and we desperately need to find a new home for them. Harpo (L) will curl up next to you for pets as soon as you sit down and Joey (R) is more energetic and playful. They are a bit senior (10 and 14 - I think that Harpo is older but could be wrong about that) and sweethearts in their own unique ways. Both are healthy and just had full dental work done. Because they are bonded and have been living together after my grandmother rescued them separately years ago, we’d love to see them remain together. For more information, please contact FernDog Rescue at or Verona Animal Hospital at 973-239-1881/


PUPPY WALKS THE RED CARPET FOR MOVIE PREMIERE- “Every time the director yelled cut, he just picked up the dog and cuddled him.”

Andy, an eight-week-old Beagle, is “co-starring” alongside Keanu Reeves in John Wick, which comes out this Friday. In the film, Andy plays the role of “Daisy,” a puppy who is owned by a former hit man. Recently, Andy attended the red-carpet premiere of the film along with all his other co-stars. Such a photogenic dog! (Click here for more information from the New York Post)


This beagle is like “what a weird-looking dog.”