Sorry for a second post but prom dress is completely done (inspiration in middle)! I made the whole thing myself- dyed the fabric, sewed it together, and did all the beading (which took about 80 hours total), as well as made the necklace, and I’m more proud of it than I’ve been of any of my work in a long time and I’m super excited to feel like an ethereal space goddess at prom!!!!


One down, one to go! Not the most accurate of tudor jewels, but I think it’s very pretty and will compliment the beading on the dress. I picked up jump rings and clasps the other day, which I have to attach before I can actually call this done, but it’s pretty close! 

Once these are finished I just have cuffs and a french hood left to make. It’s going to be so weird to have this project done. 


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