Beaded Toilet Paper Necklace and Earrings. Because nothing says, “Idon’t give a crap about you!” better than toilet paper jewelry. etsy.com/listing/118407588/toilet-paper-necklace LiciaBeads says:

Maybe I should go to bed sooner, but some of the best ideas come up late at night, sometimes while in the bathroom. Use them as a reminder that you need to purchase TP. Remember to check that there is TP in that restroom stall before doing your business. Remind a friend of that “one time that thing happened”. Wear while camping, not all jewelry is suitable camping, but these get the point across.

They are rolled over the top, as this is the proper way for TP to be placed into the roller, but I suppose you can wear it “backwards” if you are feeling sassy… (sorry, it doesn’t unroll).


DIY Ultimate Downton Abbey Resin Bezel Necklace Tutorial from Resin Crafts here. I’ve posted a general link to all Downton Abbey posts on Resin Crafts’ blog - she has lots of tutorials on resin and bezels (to put the necklace together, there are so many tutorials on my blog and on the internet). I posted the BOTTOM PHOTO from my post “I Am Who They Were” Necklace by Artist Ashley Gilreath to demonstrate how you could make a version of it using the bezels from the Downton Abbey Necklace. At the link I posted for the “I Am Who They Were” necklace I commented on how I would make the necklace with transparency paper.


Nyora Beads is a Kenyan organisation located in Kibera, the largest and most poverty-stricken slum in Africa. Their mission is to help alleviate the poverty-related conditions in the region by helping the residents to make positive changes in the community.

All of Nyora Beads products are hand-painted and hand-crafted from recycled bone from Kenya. These products include braceletscraftsearrings, and necklaces. All proceeds from their sales go towards building a functioning school in Kibera.

How YOU can help: