DIY Leather Journal Tutorial from Bead It and Weep. This tutorial shows you how to make this expensive looking journal from beginning to end. TIP: I like my pages in books I bind to have the look of being neatly hand torn so I take a metal ruler and instead of cutting the pages, I carefully tear them pulling towards the ruler. This is easier to do with thicker paper.

DIY Furoshiki Bag Tutorial from Bead It & Weep. All you will need is 1 meter (about 1 yard) of material, D rings (used for belts), leather punch (such a handy tool that I got at my hardware store), and rivets. This bag is actually bigger than it looks and will hold lots of stuff in winter or summer. BONUS: This bag can be washed because the fabric isn’t permanently attached to the straps.

DIY Hammered Wire Bracelet Tutorial from Bead It & Weep. Excellent tutorial for making these skinny cuff bangles. Types of wire are covered thoroughly and did you know that you should buy jewelry grade brass wire because if you don’t there may me some lead in regular brass wire? I didn’t. For wire DIY jewelry go here:

You may find these posts useful for wire type. DIY Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry Wire from Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters.