Feliz demais por todos esses anos em q mamãe @fabygobbi vem confiando no meu trabalho… Tudo de mais lindo dessa vida pra sua Liloca!!! Espero q tenham gostado de tudo!!! Muito obrigada sempre!!! 😊☺️😍😘😘 #mylittlecakes #beachcake #ariel (em My little cakes)

5. A picture of your favorite memory

i don’t really have a picture of it. also, i have a lot of favorite memories… but the one im thinking of was when i was too young to understand what a picture. I think i was 3 or 4, and my family went to some place by the sea. lot’s of my memories take place by the sea. this one, it was a little cold and very windy, and we were all eating outside. I think i had a windbreaker on or something, because i wasn’t very cold. i had a crab. or corn? i dunno. yeah.

another favorite memory i have is going to cape may with (who else) shirley. when we arrived, it was super late, so we tiny children were hustled off to bed. where we then proceeded to giggle together for about an hour. and then there was tugging. this is a recurring joke between us. MY BLANKIE. i remember getting up the next morning and playing house in our bathrobes. we were really cool. probably adorable.

another waterside memory i have is just last summer, when me, wangene, and joey all went down to the jersey shore, where we then proceeded to play on the playground and go out on a raft in the lagoon. can you guess what happened? i ended up towing them on a kayak xp we had a fun, we had showers, it was good.

i have lots of favorite memories. i don’t think i really understand what the word “favorite” means.

here is a picture of miami beach that i took while down there. it is good. also, the sand with the ocean and the sky looks like cake. ITS BEACHCAKE.