Yui is her own character.

Lately I have seen a lot of my friends in twitter bothered by the insistence of someone in the tag about Yui not existing as anything but an avatar for the player, which is evidently not true, instead of making a long list of reasons why that makes no sense, I will just list main reasons why that line of thinking is wrong:

Character design

She, as estated by Rejet and Satoi, was designed to visually stand out from other heroines by making her really cute and also the reason why she is blond instead of a common self insert MC hair color like brown.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have taken courses or classes about character design and story development, but those of you who have won’t let me lie when I say that when you are trying to make a character for the reader to self insert you don’t make them have characteristics that stand out because that would go against the objective.

Individual characteristics:

Now if you are trying to make a self insert character for the Japanese market you most certainly wouldn’t give said character a trait you know will go against most of the people for which the work is intended.

In this case make Yui a Christian in a country where more than half of the habitants believe in Shinto and Buddhism.


This have been brought up to death but as you play the game you can see how Yui is constantly thinking sassy answers to the brothers even if she can’t say them out loud (and even then there’s the famous manzai event in HDB) she often fights back even if her attempts are ultimately for nothing, and speaks out her mind when she thinks she can get away with it, those are not the kind of traits given to a character intended to be a self insert, these are the kind of traits you give to a character to be it’s own person. 

Of course we can always go to the side materials where the staff will talk about the things they added to Yui to stand out as her own character but ultimately that is only if after you look at the game, and you are still ignorant enough to think the staff behind Diabolik Lovers would blatantly break every single story telling rule about self inserts to make one in the end, which would make no sense. 

So, I can’t try to self insert?

Of course you can!

Nobody should dictate how you enjoy the game while you play.

However when it comes to fandom discussion outside playing the game, ignoring the Heroine is her own character (if that’s the case like with Yui) will probably get you a line of people ready to show you why you may be wrong

What Joshifer-haters need to understand and get through their thick ass brains is that we don’t ship these two for no reason. I would understand the hate if they had no chemistry or if they didn’t look at each other the way they do or if they didn’t talk about each other the way they do or if everyone who’s worked with them didn’t rave about them together or if they didn’t act like two complete idiots in love. But that’s wtf we see and tbh I think ya’ll see it too. Ya’ll are just hoping and praying that this ship will sink when it actually most certainly will not. Now take your pointless anonymous messages and remove that hate from my ship kthanksbye

To tell you the truth, I could only write for you. You were everything and nothing. A complete contradiction packed into one being. You were a raging wildfire during a tropic thunderstorm. You were the beauty in tragedy. You were everything I loved and everything I despised. You made my hands tremble and my heart beat. The message in love letters I wrote were all in my head, because what we had could never be expressed in words, lyrics, poetry, or any other form of self expression- what we had was just each other. And to tell you the truth, I really never knew how to write about you.
—  L.A.

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