[You gave me chills. Oh my god.] And I probably gave you herpes too. Just to even it out. [I felt it, I felt it.] I’m always worried about what is being- between the floor I’m licking, the six different people I’m making out with, there’s like a new disease that is being bred in that theatre.
Kamigami no Asobi 30 Day Challenge - Day 28

Day 28: Are you active in the fandom at all? Strut your stuff! Fanart/fanfic/etc.

I made some Sunny D…

……..And I sometimes scanlate things. Or doodle dumb things. And, well.

But, I’m pretty sure the other Sunny D is the most important thing I’ve contributed to the fandom!!


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fabulousleepace asked:

pssst i dare you to write the "but bard we are married already" thing

I can never refuse a dare ;) And this was the original post btw guys


Bard had been planning this for weeks, he had every tiny detail planned out perfectly. Unbeknownst to Thranduil they were on their way there already.

Well, he knew where they were going but he didn’t know what was waiting for them there. There being their favourite place in the whole forest, a little oasis somehow untouched by the darkness in the forest, a clearing in the trees where you could see the stars shining brightly and hear the softness of the breeze in the leaves.  

But Bard had set up something rather special before coming to get Thranduil and bringing him out here today.

All around the clearing he had set up small candles in softly coloured lanterns and spread them around their oasis, casting the perfect amount of gentle light on the area. And there were strawberries and chocolate and Thranduil’s favourite vintage of wine waiting for them on the blanket spread out on the floor.

And most importantly of all there was the ring that Bard had forged himself sat in a hand-craver box his pocket.

It was all very cliché but Bard just couldn’t help himself.

He wanted it to be perfect.  

He also wanted it to be a surprise which was why he was focusing so hard on acting natural which in itself was making him appear rather unnatural as he was over thinking everything.

Well, that and the fact that he was really fucking nervous.

He couldn’t help it, it wasn’t every day that you planned on proposing to the Elvenking. 

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prayer circle that an HD remake of FFXII is announced at E3

theoneandonlywhitetiger asked:

Ok so I've read ALL of your Barduil ficlets. I would really love to see one where Thuranduil is the one who is insecure and unsure of why Bard loves him. Not Bard second guessing the relationship. If youd like to write it of course. ^_^

It had been precisely nine weeks and three days since Bard had kissed him for the very first time, not that he was still obsessing over it.

(He was most definitely still obsessing over it).

Bard had just done it so easily, they had been enjoying some wine in the evening in his little house in Dale, Thranduil had laughed at one of Bard’s amusing anecdotes about his life in Laketown and then Bard was smiling at him and before he knew it Bard’s lips had been on his.

And then it had happened the next day as well, and the next, and the next, and it just became normal for Bard to do it because they were…them.

Bard was just so free with his affection, never hesitating to kiss him or hold his hand and pull him into a hug and Thranduil wasn’t used to it. He loved it, but he wasn’t used to it.

Thranduil never initiated it, not because he didn’t want to, but because he was a little confused.

Thranduil had never been shy, in all of his years on arda shy had never been and apt adjective when describing him, and it wasn’t even really shyness now. It was almost insecurity. No, that was exactly what it was.

And there was another word that could never have been used about him before, and it was just because he didn’t quite understand.

Because Thranduil knew he was beautiful, he was well aware of the way he looked and he had often used that to his advantage in the past. But he was also well aware that Bard did not care about the way people looked. He called Thranduil beautiful (and never before had that compliment made him blush, but it was just so sincere when it came from Bard) but Thranduil knew for a fact that Thranduil could be unable to hide his scars and Bard would still kiss him, he could be completely unattractive and it wouldn’t matter to Bard.

And that confused Thranduil.

Because take away his beauty and what was he really?

Cold, selfish, impossibly old, static in his ways, vain, manipulative, and broken.

That was what he was.

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out of the four of them, who do you think is the worst at video games?

  • pros of graduating from chemistry:can tell which medicine is stronger only from looking at composition of drugs