Melinda May has full command of the Playground. Jemma Simmons is her second-in-command, helping her run things.

The Playground is one of Peggy Carter’s old SSR bases.

May and Jemma are quite literally running Peggy’s old base.

it’s actually kind of weird that FFXV is so frequently referred to as a road trip because aren’t all FF games like that? you just have your own car in XV and you actually see the characters in it and doing all the regular roadtrip things that you miss in the other games

I guess you could call it a roadtrip if it’s strictly linear? as in little to no backtracking before fully setting back? Idk


“No further, horselord.”

The whole Dine with Shamu thing is sort of incredible to me. It’s not just that SeaWorld insists it will “connect you to the world we share like never before.” It’s the fact that something like this exists at all.

Seriously. You pay to eat a type of food that’s difficult to harvest sustainably and arguably can’t be considered sustainable at the best of times, while watching a captive orca do tricks in a sterile pool.

As far as middle-class America goes, it’s the closest you’re ever going to come to eating gilded swan while the servants sic dogs on a bear.

My Bear Awareness certificate, it even has a photo of me on it!

The best part of the course is getting to use the bear spray and realizing just how close you need to be to actually use it. Terrifying.

lms if u are also reading about grizzly bears and crying at how cute they are

“Bears, particularly adult brown bears, are not always aware of what is going on around them. A bear following a trail doesn’t always look ahead. He may be distracted by a yummy food source or may not be able to hear over the loud sounds of rushing water or blowing wind. A bear can literally blunder into an unsuspecting person.”

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Name: Evelyn
Time: 2:41am
Avg hrs of sleep per night: 5-6
Last thing I Googled: “safely cleaning white book covers” (yes a minorspot tragedy has happened)
Nickname: Evie!
Birthday: Feb 26
Gender: female
Height: 5′8″
Favourite colour: yellow and green~
One place that makes me happy: bookstores
How many blankets do I sleep under: 2 (1 thin 1 comforter)
Favourite film: anything Tolkien or superheroes = yes + Pride and Prejudice
What I’m wearing rn: my “Be(ar) Aware” bear shirt + penguin pj pants :D
Last book you read: A Darker Shade of Magic (it was awesome *w*)

Most used phrase: okie dokie (lol asked my bro bc i have no awareness)
First word that comes to mind: Wirt is a gnome child (that’s not a word but-)
What I last said to a family member: “shady keys”
Favourite beverage: maple latte probably
Favourite food: chicken pesto pasta/cream of broccoli soup
Last film I saw in theaters: ider it’s been months… 
Dream vacation: Ireland, Greece, etc!
Dream wedding: IF i marry all i know is: KEEP IT SMALL
Dream pet: ragdoll cat
Dream job: book thumper/fact checker @ directors

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Luckyshops x2

Luckyshops x2 by leticia-siana featuring a glass flower pot ❤ liked on Polyvore
American Apparel jean jacket, €80 / Dsquared2 black ballet flat, €565 / Brooks Brothers leather handbag, €650 / Agate pendant, €35 / Glass flower pot, €56 / Koza Isabel Skirt, €275 / Marc by Marc Jacobs New World System Tee, €120 / Promise Breast Cancer Awareness Bear, €6,48
#SpringStripes With @MarieDenee & #TheCurvyFashionista by designsbytraci featuring a black enamel ring

Eliza J sleeveless dress / Dorothy Perkins black and white tank, $18 / Chesca green skirt, $200 / Casadei heeled sandals, $340 / Loeffler Randall green handbag / Panacea stone necklace / Ariella Collection black enamel ring / David Aubrey black bead earrings / White and black bracelet / Trish McEvoy makeup brush / Urban Decay eyeshadow / Nail polish / Promise Breast Cancer Awareness Bear