Gekkan Shoujo Week, Day 3, Favorite Ship / Favorite Friendship
——> Kashima + Mikoshiba


Owl City albums

next door neighbours in an apartment complex courferre au

they’ve talked to each other about four times and had the awkward eye contact while passing each other on the stairs and that’s it

one day courfeyrac is working out and when he finishes he realizes he’s out of protein powder so he goes to see if combeferre has any because he really doesn’t want to go out he’s tired

combeferre opens the door and sees courfeyrac standing there shirtless and in running shorts and his mind just blanks and all he can think is “shit i am extremely attracted to this man”

(little does he know courfeyrac is looking at combeferre’s hipster glasses and sleeves rolled up enough to see the tattoos and thinking the exact same thing)