Peter did the exact same thing as Walter

It seems like one of Peter’s goals in Fringe is to “Be a better man than his father”, but when faced with a problem he reacted in a nearly identical way.

When Walter lost Peter he became obsessed with getting his son back, even going to another universe to retrieve him, but it destroyed his relationship with those around him, including his wife who ended up committing suicide because of his actions.

Then there’s Peter, whose daughter is taken by observers. He becomes obsessed with finding her, unable to move on with his life. His obsession and unwillingness to accept reality causes him to loose Olivia.

Peter isn’t a better man than his father.

He is the same man as his father.


destiny has so many different definitions and people think of it in so many different ways that it’s insanely open-ended. i could be destined to be an alcoholic, which would make it not so funny and paint it in a completely different light when i joke about drinking. in fact, when it comes from me, i guess it could just be kind of morbid and depressing. maybe it’s my fate to have certain diseases or conditions. i can certainly think of a few that would fit the bill. it’s entirely conceivable, and even plausible that i am stuck in a rut that has been carved out by tradition. do traditions have a hand in destiny? if your surroundings have such a big influence on your behavior and who you are in your person, does that mean that they have a role in predetermination? “destiny” is defined as “a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency.”

i’d like to believe in predetermination, simply because it means that at some point in time, i will no longer be lost. but all too often, vague concepts of fate or destiny are really just lame excuses for not getting up and doing something about your life, your unhappiness, anything. i can think of so many ways in which my life is constrained, and one way to trump them all, and at risk of sounding cliche, it’s how i decide to live my life. if i am the culmination of all the choices i’ve ever made, and if there really is such a thing as fate, then at least i am the master of my own destiny. no matter how much importance i hold with the past, it will not be the thing to hold me back. and if the course of my life is already laid my out, i think i’m much happier not knowing. if every day is a struggle, embrace it.

Be a Better Man than your father

Ummm…wait a second Fringies….

Olivia didn’t say the Greek phrase? Seriously, all that hype and excitement on “Be a better man” and she didn’t even say it???

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the episode, all the beautiful POlivia was perfect so I can’t complain :D

…but still a bit disappointed, argh

New Meetings

Sebastian wasn’t sure if it was luck or just coincidence that not only did they own Blaine’s older brother or the fact that another Anderson brother would come available. Sebastian was pretty glad that his father had told him, who he had gotten for himself, since Cooper was one for the family Seb liked having his own little slave.

Hearing his name being called, he walked down the staircase to come face to face with the male that was going to be under his control, he smirked a bit, in his opinion he was even better looking than his brother, speaking of his brother he smirked at Cooper. “How come I am meeting your brother clothed?” Sebastian teased a bit but man he couldn’t wait. “I’m Seb, your master.”