Use your voice

I love that other beings can shine so bright that they impact the world in a beneficial way.

Beings like Eckhart, Osho, Mooji, Infinite Waters, Teal, Kino, Adyashanti, and Abraham are a few who have the capacity to do just that,

and, I remember its because they’re not trying to be anything or anyone other than who they are.

Even though they’ve been exposed to other teachings by the Buddha Jesus Krishna Theo etc etc, they still sound original. And it’s a gift.

I remember hearing Kathryn Budig, a yoga teacher, say that most yoga teachers, in the beginning, sound like their teacher.

But eventually, they are strong enough to let go of the crutch of anothers perspective and tone and articulation to follow their own heart, and speak using their own voice.
that’s inspiring to me.

I think it serves us to remember that all beings are capable of being themselves, even while we emit a frequency of love and light—in our own way.

Respect and honour those who came before, always. But remember to be your own version and know that it is more than enough.

We dont need another this person or that person, or anyone else. We only need you. As you are in all your loveliness.

we are all one anyway. Its just we chose to be that, in our own way on this realm.

Be love. Be bright. And always remember to be you with your own voice. 💖💖 Because you are beautiful