Dear whoever takes the time to read this, I hope 2015 is the best year of your life. I hope you get to live your dreams, and spend time with the people that make you happiest. I hope you get to go to a concert of your favourite band or artist, and maybe even meet them. I hope you get to do some traveling if that’s what you wanna do, or just get as much time at home as you’d enjoy. I hope you gain enlightenment and positivity, and start the year off fresh and new. 2014 was a shit year for a lot of people. A lot. So that gives you a goal to make 2015 the best year. To do this, just follow a few simple steps. Let go of comparing, competing, judging, anger, regrets, worrying, blame, guilt, and fear. Let go of being scared to be you. Be yourself because I’m telling you, you will be happier. Don’t forget to laugh a lot, smile a lot, and enjoy the little things. Don’t forget to show compassion and happiness, and always share your joy with others because you never know what the person next to you could be going through. You might just save a life.

What does it mean to be happy? As I was at the gas station today, looking around at all the people in my awareness, all of them were obese. Just being aware of the individual person, being obese generally means they are unhappy in at least one area of their lives. Look around and see all the truly unhappy people we live amongst and typically are. And why are we so unhappy? For me personally - because I take care of others and care more about others than my own self. I am always putting their wants and needs before mine, and really I am the one suffering. What if we all decided to be selfish, in a healthy way? What if we all put our own needs first? What if we made time for ourselves to do what we wanted? What if we made ourselves happy? What if we did whatever was possible to make ourselves happy first? Would that be so bad? Would others actually benefit from ourselves being happy first? Would depression and obesity disappear? It’s definitely worth something to ponder. Starting today I am making a commitment to do what I can to make myself happy everyday and to take time for myself. I truly believe it starts with me to be happy. Then, the whole world will eventually benefit and be happy.

Just a few more days and we can say goodbye to 2014

And say hello to 2015

A year where I have to work hard on myself, be kind to others, and other things I want to work on

Let 2015 be a year where you work on yourself, take good care of yourself and don’t listen to others

Stay kind and positive even when others aren’t ^-^