Q obliged and kissed James’ lips, then the tip of his nose. “You’re very sweet. And you’re sure you don’t mind leaving River here? She can get in and out next door, but I’ve no idea if there’s anything hazardous in the house for her to chew.”

James frowned, his face lined with worry. “Damn. We really do need to pop in there and have a look, but there’s no time. She can stay if she can handle not being let out all day.”

“Oh, she’ll be fine. She’s house-trained for up to twelve hours, though we’ll have to bring her a treat if we make her wait that long. Or I can come by at lunch to let her out.” It was Q’s turn to frown. “If you don’t mind giving me a key, that is.”

“I only have the one set, but I can always pick the locks if I get home before you.” James paused as if caught short, then cautiously continued, “That is, if you’ll be coming over tonight as well.”

Q’s heart skipped. “If… you don’t mind,” he ventured feeling more nervous now than he had when he’d first decided to kiss James, which was absurd. “I could pick up takeaway on the way home, for all three of us.”

Být fit

Jakmile se udělalo hezky a vysvitlo sluníčko, musela jsem si zajít zaběhat kolem místní Tůně U Špačků, kde to mám mimochodem moc ráda už od dětství. Před běháním jsem se samozřejmě nezapomněla důkladně protáhnout… ;)

Dnes jsem spustila na FB stránku pro všechny, kteří na sobě chtějí zapracovat a zároveň se s tím podělit s ostatními. Byla bych ráda, kdybychom se navzájem inspirovali k lepším výkonům, například prostřednictvím fotografií ze cvičení, vašimi fitness proměnami, příběhy, nebo zdravými recepty… :) odkaz na stránku najdete ZDE.

Užijte si zbytek dne a buďte fit! :)

I’ve since deciding to stop weighing myself and having to put more time and energy into looking after my mental health I’ve noticed I haven’t been as active on here as much as I used to be.

I’m still fit and healthy, but at the moment I’m in a transition phase where I’m settling back in to my life (uni just started this week), and I’m realising that if I want to keep doing what I love and going to the gym, I need to get good sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well this whole week and it’s really knocked me about.

In June I will have finally finished my undergraduate degree and who knows where I’m headed after that. 

I have a few fun runs coming up and even though the one soon I feel underprepared for, I think it will be great, even if I do have to walk a bit, I will try my best.

I’ve started incorporating a bit more mindfulness into my life and I have found it really helpful so far. Nothing serious but a few 5 minutes every day or so. It has helped be a lot when I feel like my ED is becoming overwhelming.

My psych recommended this book, The Weight Escape.. so far, a lot of it has resonated with me, and I’ve dog eared so many pages that I really want to share on this platform. (whoops.. it’s a library copy!).

I’m going to Adrenaline class tomorrow 8am thanks to dad but for now I’m headed to bed.. I’m not in the right headspace and tbh just feeling a bit dazed and confused.

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