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Black Magic Design: The Black Magic URSA

Looking at a relatively new camera and post-production manufacturing company, I wanted to shed light on Black Magic Design’s (BDM) most revolutionary camera to date. With my senior these film being produced this upcoming fall, I wanted toshare a review of the camera I have elected to shoot with.

Speaking for independent filmmakers every where, we’re always trying to find the cheapest, most versatile camera that’s going to give us the biggest bang for our buck.I believe BDM has accomplished this with the Black Magic URSA, a 4k camera with more options than a handful of the RED cameras at less than half the price.

I’ve posted the full review of the URSA below from Black Magic Cinema Camera TV, to showcase how it truly exceeds the expectations of a 4k camera and provides adaptability and promise for the future.

Video courtesy of BMCC.TV:

Here are some of the highlights:

·      One of the only user upgradeable cameras, i.e. you can remove the lens mount to access sensor and remove it when a better censor is released by BMD.

·      The Black Magic production censor is exceptional with the options of film grade or light grade mode.

·      Incredible low light capabilities

·      3840 x 2160p Global Shutter CMOS Sensor

·      12 Stops of Dynamic Range for incredible low light capabilities

·      10.1″, 1080p Flip-Out LCD Screen

·      Dual 5″ Touchscreens for Menu Access

·      Records CinemaDNG RAW and Pro Res 422 HQ

·      12G-SDI Output for 10-Bit 4:2:2 4K

·      2x XLR Audio Inputs with Phantom Power

·      Aluminum Frame with 3/8″-16 Mounting

·      LANC Port for START/STOP, Iris, Focus

·      Dual CFast 2.0 Card Slots

·      Able to see how the URSA (under $6,000 retail) vastly exceeds in versatility and quality of image compared to the RED Scarlett (around $18,000 retail).

What’s so great about this camera is its adaptability to the future of the film industry. I think the URSA is hands down the camera to buy if you are considering becoming a professional cinema camera owner, on the sole basis that the camera censor can be swapped out along with the lens mount. This allows adaptability to virtually all lenses, and answers the question: can this camera survive advancements in camera censors?  In an environment that truly is progressive beyond belief, and relatively impossible to stay up to date on owning the latest and greatest cameras, the Black Magic URSA is a cinematographers go to.