that sudden inspiration and energy after finishing a big drawing, spent the rest of the day doodling random stuff+bravely series //sigh// i need the game asap, too many questions to be answered D: but yeah there is no spoilers here i think eAe if I somehow spoiled something im sorry )”:

but like neurotypicals need to get it through their heads that people with personality disorders can be abused much differently than them. Repeatedly and purposefully ignoring borderline people is abuse. Taking advantage of the trust of dependent people and leaving them on their own to "test them” is abuse. Little things they may not consider being abuse may actually BE abuse to those people. So like stop pretending that what we call abuse “isn’t legitimate” just because it’s not in your neurotypical standards of what is and isn’t abuse.


You have endured so much over the past few years - pain, illness, fatigue, criticism, injuries, scandals - and you lost a couple of things along the way, but here you are, standing with your heads held high, stronger ever.  Words cannot express how proud I am of you boys and all the impossible things you’ve achieved. Thank you for always trying your best for EXO-L. I wish you many more years of success and happiness to come. Happy anniversary!