Congress is currently gearing up to put the entire women’s preventive care package in jeopardy based on the objections of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. On February 11th, President Obama announced that these regulations will be implemented so that every insurance company will be required to include birth control coverage without co-pay or deductible – even if religiously affiliated institutions elect not to pay the premium.

But as far as we can tell, some Members of Congress won’t back down from their attacks on women’s health care and the Affordable Care Act. This week is critical for action.

So this V-Day, raise your voices and take action.

Action #1: Twitter bomb congress with #BC4US Valentines.

Step 1:  Print out the #bc4us Valentines (or make your own!)
<3  Hands Off My Birth Control
<3 Congress Listen Up or We’re Breaking Up
<3 Forget Me Not
Step 2:  Take a Picture of You holding the Valentine
Step 3:  Post them on FMLA’s Facebook Page or email them to
Step 4:  Take a picture of at least 20 friends holding valentines and post them too
Step 5:  Starting on Tuesday, tweet these pictures @SpeakerBoehner and your Senators and make sure to include #bc4us

Action #2: Collect petition signatures urging Congress not to undermine women’s access to basic health care.

Step 1: Sign & share this online letter to your Representatives
Step 2: Print this petition
Step 3: Collect signatures while tabling, giving out condoms, dorm storming… everywhere!
Step 4: Either email or mail the signatures to us directly at 1600 Wilson Blvd, Suite 801, Rosslyn, VA 22209 or deliver them to your Senator’s local office

Action #3: Sign on to the letter from youth activist groups urging national leaders to support birth control coverage without co-pay or deductible.

Step 1: Read the letter from youth groups across the country
Step 2: Email to sign on BY TUESDAY FEBRUARY 14!


FMF interns and campus organizer Laura Kacere show their solidarity and support of Ampify’s BC4US campaign. This Independence Day, declare YOUR independence from those conservative leaders who want to control your body: TELL PRESIDENT OBAMA AND HHS SECRETARY SEBELIUS THAT YOU SUPPORT THEIR DECISION to make birth control available with no co-pay. Download and print out your own posters here and don’t forget to submit it and tweet your photo with poster to @WhiteHouse and @HHSGov along with the hashtag #BC4US.