I fall and break everyday
       I hold onto my scar which
              didn’t even have time to heal
                     As I run through the darkness endlessly

10 people you want to know better
i was tagged by kingjongdae thank yuuuuuuuuu
• nickname: erin
• ethnicity: 
• star sign: virgo
• gender: f
• height: 5′0 no im not 13 im 27 rip me
• time and date: 230am june 19 2015
• average amount of sleep: 8 hrs
• lucky number: 846463 nah idk 
• last thing I googled: “pedantic”
• first word that comes to mind: ….pedantic?
• how many blankets do you sleep with: none 
• favorite fictional character: harvey specter from suits but i stopped watching the show after season 2 also jean-ralphio & leslie knope from parks and rec.
• favorite famous person: amy poehler and novak djokovic 
• favorite books: books by lisa lutz and david baldacci
• favorite musicians: keane and keith urban 
• last movie I saw in the cinema: ive never been to a cinema haha
• dream holiday: scandinavian countries
• dream job: housewife haha
• wearing right now: pjs 

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I bought a bikini today

that’s a big deal fyi

Stiles Stilinski is 100% an Xbox guy

yuichirons asked:

i reALLY LOVE THIS PORTRAYAL OF YUU SO MUCH humps ur leg ur v special to me

sprays u with a water bottle to get you away from my asexual leg (and the asexual rest of me)

jernwatsern replied to your post: “a thing to consider: sherlock trying 2 be seductive by pulling his…”:

john is always so amused whenever he tries to pull a toplock because… no

fksfnkn i dont imagine it as pulling a toplock but more like…a sexually frustrated housewife type thing fsnfkdndk