Getting in a fight with Michael that’s so bad he throws a glass heart that you had made him and painted yourself for his birthday and it shatters all over the ground. So you leave with out telling him where you’re going because everything hurts so bad and you can’t take it anymore and it’s really really late. Michael is all alone and it only takes five minutes for him to calm himself, and he realizes what he’s done and slowly crumbles to the ground and begins to frantically scoop up the pieces as tears run down his flushed cheeks and nearly has a panic attack. Hours later you’re still gone and you haven’t said a word to him over text and he’s past the point of worry, he’s on the kitchen floor shaking and squeezing his eyes shut and groaning as if you can hear him about how he’s so fucking sorry. Michael can’t help but check his messages every ten seconds and when he sees there’s no message he drops his phone on the tile and tugs on his hair so hard he almost rips it out. It’s nearly morning again after Michael decides to look for you himself, he searches for so long with tears in his eyes and his chest tight and big sad baby boy eyes looking all up and down the roads and mumbles how much of a fucking idiot he is. Just when he’s about to break down into sobs and fall to his knees because he’s so terrified that you’re in danger, he sees you sitting  at the top of a small hill in an empty grass area and runs over to you as fast as can, tripping up the hill on his feet and stumbling before reaching you and grabbing your cheeks with his sweater paws and pressing his lips on your forehead and eyelids, crying hysterically and stuttering so badly saying “I’m s-so fucking sorry, I’m so fucking sorry, you’re so fucking beautiful, so beautiful baby goddamn it i love you, I love you, I love you, you scared me so much.” As he frantically kisses your face all over and leans you back onto the grass and nuzzles the tip of your nose with his with a sad face and presses his doughy cheeks against you. Michael smooths your hair and squishes your face and squeaks in soft pouty sadness at how cute you are. Before you get a chance to speak, he quickly fumbles in his pocket to uncover a poorly glued glass heart and he looks at it and begins to cry even more, his lip quivering as he holds it in his palms and hiccups out the words you have trouble comprehending through his crying . “I’m sorry I broke your heart…I’ve broken your heart so many times. I tried to put it back together this time.” He trembles and glaces up with glossy red eyes and you gently pull his wet face into yours and kiss him as delicately as you can, and tug him on top of you to rub his back and his fluffy hair and his long baggy sleeves and feel his rapid heartbeat and his tummy quickly rise and fall. Even through he’s too large to be cuddling in this position, you rock your boyfriend back and forth and coo in his ear until he calms down enough to hear you tell him that no one… can fix a broken heart like he can.

i was going to make this when i hit 8k but thats come and gone and now im rlly close to 9k and that pretty cool and all of you are pretty cool and a follow forever is kinda cool so lets get on w/this.. anyway this isnt everyone i follow just know i adore all of you but maybe some more than others im sorry i play favorites ( ˘ ³˘)

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