bc I don't really have time to re-do it

i hate r*wing so much

they’re making us practice everyday during spring break from 7am-3pm like?? that’s actually an hour longer than my school day wtf?? what is the point of spring break even if we literally have practice every single day??

i really wanted to hang out with my friends from my old school but now i have no time at all to do so.. and during the school year it’s already hard bc we have practice 6 days/week for 2.5 hours each practice like really?? now you’re taking my break time too??? 

i don’t even enjoy the sport anymore but i don’t really want to quit another sport.. but it’s really taking a toll on me and i have a hard time finishing my hw + practicing piano + trying to get enough sleep yknow?? idk what to do.. thoughts??

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Oh my god I am so excited for this!!! Question - do you/will you have queer characters/relationships? Obviously it's up to players, but still?

We will have queer characters! I have attempted to leave the various identities of our characters as ambiguous as possible (though past relationships might be implied from time-to-time). Whether they’re polysexual, asexual, or even branching into trans* and non-binary identities, we will welcome them all with open arms! FCs are able to be changed, as this is a skeleton roleplay. I know that my character, Lanthan, will be of an (as of yet) undetermined sexuality; though he will most certainly be attracted to men. I have also spoken with the roleplayers of Crius, Jayse, and Iscariot, each of which will respectively be queer to some degree!

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1. First impression: Too cool for me. Has rly pretty eyes woah (you posted a selfie sometime around then)
2. Truth is: Really awesome person
3. How old do you look: Idk, pretty much your real age
4. Have you ever made me laugh: I really don’t know I’m bad at remembering things like that
5. Have you ever made me mad: No
6. Best feature: I think you’re a very nice person and you have lots of ideas
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nah
8. You’re my: (sorta) Friend (though we never talk)
9. Name in my phone: -
10. Should you post this too? If you want