Oh goodness. Here we go!

1. Full Name: Joslynn Leigh Miller

2. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

3. 3 Fears: Clowns, Heights, Vulnerability

4. 3 Things I Love: Music, Art, The Unknown

5. 4 Turn Ons: Body Mods, Fire, Intellect, Aggressiveness(a certain kind. but yeah.)

6. 4 Turn Offs: Clingy, Bad Hair, Bad Breathe, if they’re not intriguing

7. My Best Friend: Zachary Francis Enrile♥

8. Sexual Orientation: I dig whomever I dig, who needs technicalities.

9. My Best First Date: That who require there to have been real dates in my life. :C

10. How Tall Am I: 4’10”

11. What Do I Miss: A lot of things, but I miss having someone to come home to and send good morning texts to and knowing that they care. That’s what I miss the most. 

12. What Time Was I Born: 7:20 P.M.

13. Favorite Color: Turquoise? Maybe… idk. 

14. Do I Have A Crush: Sort of but it’s nothing really.

15. Favorite Quote: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

16. Favorite Place: I can’t say, I haven’t seen them all yet. 

17. Favorite Food: Anything mexican and spicy. 

18. Do I Use Sarcasm: Always.

19. The Broken Ones by Dia Frampton

20. First Thing I Notice In A Person: Eyes and Lips.

21. Shoe Size: 7.5/8

22. Eye Color: They change, somewhere between light blue and green.

23. Hair Color: Purple for now

24. Favorite Style Of Clothing: As of right now I’m in a grungy/nu-goth obsession.

25. Ever Done A Prank Call: Years ago, of course. 

26. What Color Of Underwear I’m Wearing: Blue&White Stripes

27. Meaning Behind My URL: Alice In Wonderland ♥

28. Favorite Movie: Fight Club 

29. Favorite Song: I can’t even begin to try that. 

30. Favorite Band: Can’t do that either…

31. How I Feel Right Now: Lost and Frustrated. 

32. Someone I love: YOU!!!

33. My Current Relationship Status: Single4Lyfe♥

34. My Relationship With My Parents: has grown immensely over the past year or so. 

35. Favorite Holiday: New Years? Idk.

36. Tattoos and Piercings I have: Medusa, Double Nostrils

37. Tattoos and Piercings I want: Venom bites, multiple dermals, septum, and more tattoos than I have the patience to type. 

38. The Reason I Joined Tumblr: Can’t remember…

39. Last Book I Read: The Hunger Games and the sequel

40. Do I Ever Get “Good Morning” or “Good Night” texts: Not anymore… 

41. Have I Ever Kissed The Last Person I Text: Lol, it’s possible… Friday night is a bit blurry. Maybe he could answer that? I won’t ask. 

42. When Did I Last Hold Hands: A few weeks ago… bitch got cray though. 

43. How Long Does It Take Me To Get Ready In The Morning: For work like 10 minute, for life maybe 30 minutes to an hour.

44. Have I Shaved My Legs In The Past Three Days: surprisingly, yes. 

45. Where Am I Right Now: My room.

46. If I’m drunk and Can’t Stand Who’s Taking Care of Me: Zachary♥

47. Do I Like My Music Loud or Reasonable: LOUD. Always loud.