What do you hate the most?
  • G-Dragon:In Korea there a fish ‘gaebul’ that it’s eaten raw. And I can never eat it. [he doesnt like it, not that he cant eat it]
  • Seungri:I hate ginger. I cannot eat anything that has ginger even if it’s just a bit.
  • Daesung:I don’t like eggplant when I ate it as a kid I got sick and ever since I’ve disliked it.
  • Taeyang:I dont like stress the most. I can’t think or dance or sing if I’m under stress. When I feel the stress of a busy work schedule I try to relax because I try to avoid building up stress.
  • TOP:I don’t hate anything! Because I think we should embrace all things.
  • The other 4 members:Wow~~!! (clap clap clap)
If an online news article about me is released, the first comment is always someone bashing me. I’m human too, of course, I check (laughs). The antis always see them first and leave hateful comments. I’m actually thankful in a way. If these people really hated me, they just wouldn’t pay any attention to me at all. I think they keep checking my articles because they still expect something of me in the end. Something along the lines of ‘I hate this guy, but I still can’t help being interested’, maybe. Because of people like that I feel like I have to try even harder.
—  Kwon Jiyong (cr:aa-chan.net/asiae interview)
When I signed a contract with SM and came in as a trainee, it was before the company became so big and famous so instead of coming to practise every day, I would come maybe once a month or even once every three months. The people at SM probably don’t remember me though. I didn’t stand out very much since I was only enthusiastic when it came to dancing. And I had ‘Prankster’ written all over my face, though I wouldn’t consider myself good looking now either. I could dance a bit but I wasn’t a very good singer so I think it must’ve been difficult for the company to do anything with me at the time. I remember sitting on the Shinhwa hyungs’ laps and playing with them, though I doubt they remember. (laughs)
—  Kwon Jiyong (cr:aa-chan.net)
Seungri tells a story about how he avoided YG for two months.

After appearing in Strong Heart’s first episode,Seungri tried to avoid YG for two months (probably because he talked too much in the show again haha). 

Seungri: Truthfully, after that program ended (Strong heart), I have been avoiding the president so as not to be caught by him. For two months,I did not meet him. One day I was in the company’s first storey waiting for the elevator. And just like a scene in the movies,when the doors of the elevator were about to close,a pair of hands stuck in between them. It was President Yang. I greeted him hello but he ignored me. He stood beside me as the elevator went up. I have never realized the elevator was that slow. I am going to the 4th floor,YG’s office is on the 7th floor. Therefore,courteously I pressed 4th and 7th button. While the elevator rose in silence,President Yang pressed the 4th button again and once you pressed it,it will be cancelled. I thought,”ah! the day has finally come”. Today is the day for punishment so I followed him up. When we reached the 7th floor,I thought “ah i’m gonna die”. Then suddenly,Yang sachangnim said, “Yah~ You take the stairs!!”

Host: It’s the president’s careful revenge~

Seungri: I felt very happy. My footsteps were light as I walk down to the 4th floor~

cr: iiibigbangsubs/Strong heart

If a girl that you think is “the one” is walking towards you, you will…
  • GD:I wouldn’t let her go. I will be straight forward and tell her about my feelings out loud!
  • TOP:I want to be able to rely on her!
  • Daesung:I would say, ” Nice weather today ah…hahahaha…”
  • Seungri:I believe I probably would just kiss [her] ~~
  • Taeyang:...would just stare, probably won’t be able to say anything.
  • Source:Baidu/Translation: Maggie @ ibigbang
Up until today, what are the things that a girl has said to you that made you happy?
  • GD:Didn’t say anything, just kept on hugging. That is the happiest moment!
  • Taeyang:This…I haven’t thought of that question yet. Right now, please say something that will make me happy!
  • TOP:Rather than what a girl said to me, it's what the fans say that makes me happy!!
  • Daesung:Saying, “D-LITE , You are incredible ah” to me. I will be very happy.
  • Seungri:If [she] said to me, “very sexy ah” I would be very happy because most of the time, males said it to females and rarely females to males.~~
  • Source:Baidu/translation: Maggie @ ibigbang
  • - What kind of people do you think your members are?
  • Taeyang:Okay, one by one. G-Dragon, he is a person who really hates to be restricted, who always pursue freedom. Therefore he has flexiblity to accept new things without fear and soon make it his own style. His composition shows very well of that. Even his hair style is always changing, right? TOP, he is the oldest and has his own charisma in his appearance and behavior. He is just so cool, even we can notice that in movies and dramas as well as on the stages. But in fact, he is the funniest one at the same time. Daesung has his own charm that makes people expect like, “What is going to happen next?”, no matter what show he is on.
  • - And his smile!
  • Taeyang:Yes, I think that’s the great attraction of Daesung’s. Also he and I have some similarities in personalities so he is the one who I’m on the same wavelength with the most. That’s why we share our room in the hotel.
  • - It must be so important when you have more overseas activities?
  • Taeyang:Yes. Really, it’s like living with him since we have to see each other all day long. That’s why I share my room with Daesung and G-Dragon is sharing his with SeungRi.
  • - Then how about TOP?'
  • Taeyang:We don’t have any other choice. We can’t share one room with the 3 of us. Also, TOP is the man who enjoys his own time alone. *smiles* And SeungRi is the one who is always so passionate and confident. He’s always optimistic, he’s very opposite from me. I think he has a very attractive personality.
  • - Oh yes and also I can see the reason why you don’t share your room with him.
  • Taeyang:*laughs* Also he’s kind of a little troublemaker. It’s not that he makes some big troubles, but he constantly makes small troubles all the times. Everyone is just saying like, “Just calm down a little bit” to him.
Before you talk shit about Panda,why don't you read this first.

Seungri was pumped up by the approval from his parents and created an amateur dance team. Him and a bunch of boys 3 to 4 years older than him made up the team ‘Episode 1’ [‘Ilhwa’] and just started dancing with no definite plans.

”We named ourselves ’Episode 1’ to mean no one knew of us yet. Now that I think about it, it was kinda childish. But we choreographed our own moves for the first time in our lives, came first just like that at Jeolla Namdo JangSeong’s ‘Hong Gil Dong Festival’, and won $500 prize money. (laughs) It really boosted our confidence. We promised each other to keep trying harder, and made a contract with a shopping mall in downtown Gwangju and went from there.”

Though they were only given $200 a month, they were very popular. They had a fan club and were hugely popular amongst the female middle/high school student population of downtown Gwangju.

”We had some ‘doll-faces’ in the team, so we were pretty popular. (laughs) We were sought after for things like school festivals and town events. Sometimes we even earned up to $200 each in a month. It was a huge amount of money for us at a young age. We borrowed a hall with that money and even held a concert and stuff. After getting well known in Gwangju, one casting manager person contacted me asking if ‘How would you like to consider becoming a celebrity?’. I was young so I wondered ‘Am I actually becoming a celebrity now?’.”

So Seungri (21, Real name: Lee Seung Hyun) was a well known dancer in Gwangju. His talents gradually caught the attention of people in the entertainment industry.

“How would you like to consider becoming a singer?”

These short words of one casting manager inflated the young Seungri’s heart with dreams.

“I was young, so I blindly thought ‘Should I try being a celebrity?’. I appeared on this program that said they were choosing the second Shinhwa.”

But he suffered the disappointment of elimination after a mere two months. For Seungri, who had experienced fame and always excelled back in his hometown, it was a tough experience. His busy schedule that made him go back and forth between Seoul and Gwangju was also hard on him physically.

“I had to go back and forth between Gwangju and Seoul, but they wouldn’t even feed me or let me sleep. They didn’t even give me transport fares, so it was really hard. It made me realize ‘Becoming a celebrity isn’t easy.’ I packed my bags and went home.”

But even more unbearable than the physical hardships were the critical reactions of the people around him.

“My friends scorned me. They said I sucked at singing and wasn’t very good [on the show]. Even my homeroom teacher said ‘I don’t really think that’s the path you should be taking. You should quickly find another path for yourself.’ She was really pretty but she’s never seemed uglier to me than she was that day.”

cr: aa-chan.net/Seungri asiae interview

Tabi talks about his ex-girlfriend.


"She was five years older than me. When I was young,I had a very heavy heart. To be honest,I liked her a lot but I didn’t have any confidence in myself. I thought that if she were to find out I was in high school,she would be disappointed in me. Would she accept me? Would she still want me? Would she still smile at me? I would ask myself all those questions. "

And did she accept when you told her your age?

"She did. I told her the whole truth. She already suspected because I would call her at the same time of the day. During recess and when school is over (laughs)."

How long were you two together?

"One year. [when asked what was his longest relationship,he also replied one year then he confirmed it was with her.]

So who broke up with who?

*hesitates* “that’s too personal.. -__-“

Haha. I should ask personal questions in private.

"It’s just that after fans watch this,they’ll try to find out who the girl I’m talking about is. That’s why I now want to take the opportunity to say this. Pictures of me and her are going around online. She has been exposed on the internet. I was very angry when I saw those pictures were published. I understand that as a celebrity,I no longer have a private life but she isn’t a celebrity and we’re not currently in a relationship. So for her to be exposed like that and the comments that I read are very offensive,that really made me sad. I know that I have to put up with that because I am a celebrity but she’s not and yet she was still affected by all of this because of me."



*I highlighted that part because I need to let people understand the main reason why I very much love and respect this man. It’s because he knows how to respect a woman. For years,I’ve dated one guy. He was a bit reserved but hell he keeps a lot of secrets inside. I still ended up being the talk of the town after breaking up with him. I heard rumors that weren’t even true and asked where those crap came from. And to my horror,he told stuffs I never said or done. I am a girl who very much wants privacy in life,especially when it comes to my family. I never wanted to be anybody’s topic in any gossip but then I still ended up being one. After being dragged down by people I didn’t even know,I got scared for myself and for my family’s image. I respect my family so much that it hurts knowing that people were judging them for something that isn’t even true to begin with. So for three years now,I haven’t tried dating again and worked my ass off because I wanted to prove them all wrong. And I’m proud to say that I’m in one of the best schools now and I live in a place way better than what we lived in before and still burning all the calories I’ve got just to keep myself wherever I am right now. I cursed what happened to me long time ago that I never trusted men any more. Then I realized how they turned me into this girl who believes nothing. At this age,I should be out there experiencing love but what am I doing,shutting myself down from people who wanted to meet and get to know me. I thought I already won but then in the end,I realized I’m still this poor woman who’s being controlled by her own fear. A fear that shouldn’t have been experienced by me. A fear created by cruel bitches. But then when I was about to give up to this fear,I saw this video of him. All those fears and beliefs I created in my mind were all gone. Then I said to myself,if there exist a man like him,then I still have hope. That man might not be as handsome as him nor as good as a rapper like Tabi. It doesn’t matter to me any more. As long as he knows how to protect his girl,be it his ex or his present,I am totally happy with that. Then slowly,I’m trying to get to know people more. Slowly reaching out to them. All those things that happened in the past,they’re like pictures getting burned one by one. It takes time but I know there would come a time that all of it would be washed out instantly. And when that time comes,I”m pretty sure I met the one.

And to whoever lucky girl that catches Choi Seunghyun’s heart,promise us you would hold on to that for dear life. He is a keeper. He fucking is. He influenced my life to the extent of pulling me out of the dungeon I once was. If he did that to me,imagine how much more would he do for you. :)

Like everyone else, I would cram at the last minute whenever there was a test. I would stay up the whole night the day before and then go to school the next day. I was too sneaky for my own good…(laughs). I didn’t like how people think celebrities think they’re too good to have normal friends, so I’d approach kids first and make friends with them. I acted like a bit of an idiot sometimes; I’d always pester my friends to buy me food too.
—  Kwon Jiyong (cr:aa-chan.net/asiae interview)
Seungri's motivation.
  • Interviewer:What motivated you?
  • Seungri:My parents. I’m different from other members because I’m not from Seoul. I’m from Gwangju. Its distance is like Osaka from Tokyo in Japan. It is far from Seoul. Most parents may oppose when their 15 year-old child leaves their hometown to be an entertainer. However, my parents supported me from the start. They said to me “If you leave, do your best.” I got encouraged with this words and I went to Seoul. I just can’t give up. In addition, the members helped me. G-DRAGON and SOL have taken lessons as trainees for 6 years before I came to the company. Seniors told me of their experiences. Because of them, I just kept on practicing.
Seungri and his past love life.

Seungri’s busy life in the entertainment industry meant he didn’t get the chance to date properly. His head was full of thoughts like ‘I’m busy as hell, how would I ever have time for a girlfriend?’ Even when he met girls who appealed to him, he would think ‘Should I text her?’ ‘Maybe I should talk to her first’, but he never went past that point.

“I don’t like breaking up.”

Like the rest of us, Seungri also has loving yet embarrassing, cruel memories of his first love. She was a model student who he met back in Gwangju when he was a part of the dance team ‘Episode 1’.

“I saw her while I was dancing, she just stood right out to me.”

She was just some girl who happened to pass by Seungri’s show after watching a movie with her friend. Seungri fell for her at first sight. And maybe it was destiny; her friend later approached him to ask for a photo. Seungri didn’t let this chance slip.

“You should come into the photo too.”

So his first, innocent young love started off like that. Seungri and his “cute and innocent” first girlfriend started dating secretly.

“Even then, we dated in secret. Our dance team was celebrity status in Gwangju, remember? (laughs)”

The young lovers’ relationship was still ongoing three years later. Rather than ‘I love you’, they exchanged supportive words like ‘Try your best’.

“’Try your best today too. Let’s talk again tomorrow.’ We cheered on each others’ dreams.”

As they supported and cheered each other on, Seungri eventually debuted as Big Bang while she entered university in the hopes of becoming a teacher. They were both a huge step closer to their dreams, but the two slowly drifted apart.

“I thought ‘She’s my girl, so I know she’ll stay by my side.’ But one day I went into my girlfriend’s minihompy and it had the shocking word ‘Oppa♥’ written on it. I asked around and it turned out she was dating a guy in his 3rd year of university.”

It was over after that day. But he couldn’t hate her.

“I needed someone to lean on, but you left to a place where I couldn’t even see you anymore. Even when we met up, there was nothing we could do. I want to date someone normal. I don’t want this difficult love….”

He accepted and understood the reason for her change of heart. So it seemed Seungri’s exciting first love had come to an end.

“I want to date someone normal. I don’t want this difficult love…”

“I don’t like breaking up.”

After parting ways with his first love, Seungri started focusing on practising for the musical ‘Shower’. The girl who had been cheering him on to achieve his dreams was no longer there but that didn’t mean he could give up on them. Then one day, she contacted him before one of his shows.

“She must’ve heard that I was performing. She said she was gonna come watch.”

“Are you gonna come with your boyfriend?” (Seungri)
“…I’m going with a friend.” (Girl)

Seungri wanted to give her the tickets himself but she asked him to send them by post. He wanted to see her face so badly. But he couldn’t refuse her request.

“I gave her the best seats. I checked beforehand where abouts they were from the stage too. But when the time finally came, I couldn’t see her because of the lighting.”

The show continued, and Seungri really put his all into it. He was frustrated at not being able to see her but just the thought that ‘She’s watching me’ made him try his best in every single scene.

“I was singing the last song when suddenly our eyes met. Tears were running down my face before I knew it. I bet people thought ‘Seungri’s good at acting’ at the time, hehehehe.” (Seungri did actually receive good reviews for his performance in ‘Shower’)

He thought, ‘When this song ends, it’ll really be the end of the two of us.’ Behind the stage, he decided to run out and grab her during the curtain call. But when he came back on, her seat was empty.

“I made a huge decision before stepping back on stage but she wasn’t there. But she texted me a while later.”

“You haven’t changed at all. Goodbye.” (Girl)

cr: aa-chan.net/asiae interview
When you’re a celebrity, it’s easy to become trapped in the small world made by your fans. There are actually quite a lot of people like that. I don’t think I should live like that, immersed in my own little world. I think there are times when I have to look at my life from a step back.
—  Kang Daesung (via:aa-chan.net)
The thought of wanting to be free has always been very strong since the past. I think it appears in my music and fashion. As a result of this I’m thankful to the people around me that accept this and that favorably say that’s just part of my personality. I want freedom but at the same time I don’t like doing anything ambiguous. I’m the type that is always certain/determined in everything I do. Basically, freedom isn’t all I want. Rather than that, I want to think that all the choices I make for my distant future have been made by me.
—  Kwon Jiyong (WITH magazine interview)