Here was my barrel mill attempt. I am currently working on this and cleaning up my windmills.

First off, my mills weren’t as clean as usual in this video because I was tired from earlier sessioning. So, my legs weren’t that straight, so don’t say anything about that.

Next, I try to get on my shoulder and head when I do mill, but I can’t get it right until I try to do the barrel. Once I get that I should be able to do head mills. As you see in the slow-mo I get on my shoulders and my head when I try to do the barrel. After I get on my head and turn a little I can’t seen to but my arms on the floor like it should be to keep turning and my legs won’t spread out and turn with the rest of my body :/


Air chairs through out the years :D

The first move I learned in bboying. It comes and goes. Sometimes I am really good and sometimes I can’t do them. I don’t practice them that much anymore :/

I use to be able to hold them well, kind of drop into them, roll back into them, and pop into them.

The one I did the air chair pike was last year when I was really good with them and I did that from a blow up from a baby freeze.

The one with behind the back air chair was when my left hand was grabbing my right tricep. Hard as fuck to do D:

Then the last air chair was me doing a roll back air chair :3


Flare attempts

Slowly getting there. I need to straighten my legs, kick harder,  and lift my body up more. Then I should have 1 down hahah

practicing air babies. getting there.

p.s. i have no effing idea why my thumbs like that

p.s.s. yes thats a dance mat made from beer cases. its double layers and is 6x8x2 so about 100 cases of beer total. and i had about 20. and no i did not drink it all to get them xD


Another clip of me breaking :D

song is You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starships :D


Finally trying to practice barrels again. I suck :/



Moves I am focusing on now:

  • Windmills - Finally able to get on my shoulders. Now I need to get on my head and straighten legs a little more (I can do up to 5 windmills and 1 sloppy barrel mill)
  • 2000s/1990s - I feel like I’m losing. I use to be really close, now I’m not. I need to tuck chin in, keep legs up, and turn hips. (Can do 1 if I keep going at it, but its not clean yet)
  • Handhops - Pump legs more and keep balance. (Up to 4 if I keep trying)

Moves that I practice a little that I am not too worried about:

  • Crickets - I already have this move down. But I could get them better like higher and more spin. (Up to 10 quick and not as clean ones, up to 7 clean ones)
  • Jackhammers - Finally got this down. I just need to gain momentum and balance. (Up to 7 on a good day)

Freezes I need to practice balancing on:

  • Air baby - Need to balance and get into it quicker. (I can do 2 handed for awhile and 1 handed for about up to 5 seconds)
  • Air/side chair - Getting them back! Need to straighten legs. Get rollbacks back and pop ups. (Up to 4 seconds, but not on my first try. I have to keep going at it)
  • Nikes/Pikes/Other aerial moves - Just need more balance and some new aerial moves to do or variations. (Up to 3 seconds depending which aerial move I do)
  • Left handed freezes -Just need to strength and balance to keep my body up.

Moves I practice on the side:

  • Flares - Almost had it at practice earlier! So close to doing one! I just need to straighten and lift my right leg then I have it.
  • Turtles & Dark hammers - I can do this if I’m lucky, but I just need to practice left handed stabs then I got it.
  • Head spins/Drills - I just need to walk it out and keep balance while on my head.
  • Blow ups - Finally got some blow ups. Head to hand. Baby to head. Head to air chair.
Watch on

Practicing transitions. Baby to head to air chair. I just learned how to blow up to my head so there are fails :/

The first one I got to air chair good. The second one I hit one drill head spin. and the third one I blew up to head pretty good.

Then I tried to do this new foot thread thingy

Then it was my 1990 attempt with some top rock and foot work

Finally. I was practicing crickets and jack hammers xD


Just a mini-set of my bboying :D

at like 12 seconds in I messed up. I couldn’t decide if I was going to go into a 2000 or swipe xD

the song was Turn Me On by David Guetta featuring. Nicki Minaj in his latest album Nothing But The Beat.


My windmills and 2000s progression.


  • I know they aren’t good but I’m getting there. I just need to practice a little more.
  • My first set of attempt i think my collapse was good but i need to lean on my shoulders more and then when i went into my second continuous mill i messed up. i didn’t swing my leg enough and didn’t lean back enough so i kind of got stuck on my hip but after when i was going to go pop back up it. I think it was good.
  • Then my second set attempt i thought it looked pretty good. but i wasn’t trying to keep doing windmills after it so i went into a dark hammer crawl and popped up to air chair :P
  • on my third set attempt i did 3 windmills
  1. Looked pretty good. and i should’ve kept going but i stopped to think about it
  2. This was probably one of the best mills i did so far. and again i should’ve kept going cuz i had that good momentum
  3. Pop up was good but when i collapse i should’ve leaned back more on my shoulders.


  • First attempt was alright. I really need to control it more and have my legs straight! That’s the key. And should’ve rev* it up more. but i got half a spin
  • Same problem for the second attempt. Should’ve kept my legs straight! This time i got about 3/4 of the there. If not it was between 1/2 and 3/4 of the way.
  • The last one was the best one i recorded all day. I forgot to grab my wrist doing it while i was spinning. I felt like if i did i couldve done it! And as always legs need to be straight! I went more the 3/4 the way on this one but my are went a full spin. Now only if i tightened up my body and kept my legs straight i would’ve been able to do it.

* rev = a term i use when doing 2000s or 1990s. It’s the part of the power stance you do when you put your hand down and legs up to create momentum to spin

and sorry for no sound. when i edited it i made it at 50% speed so no background music is playing when i recorded.

and on another note. the big guy thats next to me when im doing 2000s is @ryanamos07. you guys should follow him :D

working on windmills..

i have it down just the only problem for me is that i need to lean back on my shoulders more. ima upload some more progress later on

and in slow mo

Watch on

Barrel mills! I’m slowly getting there! I’m going hard at practice tomorrow!